Monday, March 27, 2006

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The "Yes" Man. I'm Back, Byatches

i am not a yes man. sometimes i deny shit, veto restaurants, pass on activity suggestions, skance out of phone conversations, etc. i am officially not a yes man. i have several yes man tendencies.... no denying that. i am a chronic yes man to chronic. there is rarely a time where i would pass on greens. i can say i am also a yes man to poker games. this weekend i almost skanced out of one until raahk blew up my celly and at 3:30 in the morning told me i should come play, there's a live game with 9 people right now. thats a bunch of unlucky bastards if its 3:30 on a saturday and no one has some tight box clamped on their dicks, me included, so i said yes. (i was at the pony prior to poker, plenty of putrid pussy patrolling there)

and that leads me to talk about my other friends. i have one friend who is 100% officially a yes man when it comes to strip clubs. not only does he enjoy going, but he wants to spread his cash across a multitude of establishments across this fine city. it was an alright night for those interested, no camera phone pics at the pony... plus we got 3 seats and a table next to stage 1... quality viewing but very difficult for dancers to get over to your lap so you can pay them $20 to look pissed and uninterested while grinding on your kitty-killer. this kid does not even have to be asked "do you wanna go to ____?" if he's got a pulse and a credit card, he's saying yes.

swilly was always a yes man to cigarettes. even if its hartford connecticut in early january and you left your jacket in the car because its better to not have to deal with it in the bar and the law states that all places are smoke free, he'd still say yes to "cigarette?"

my buddy nascar john up in nyc is a yes man to moes and joes when he was/is in town. loves $3 pbr, $5 pbr, hot wings, and the ridiculously sketchy old boozers that hang out in that bar.

mike d is a yes man to neighbors, but then so am i which is why its the only place we run into each other.

saff is a yes man to movie night, but only because she catches 5 minutes of every movie before she passes the fuck out... oh, except for real winners like National Treasure.

most of my friends are yes men for prop betting. if the odds are good and we think we have a winning shot, we will bet almost any situation. the outcome of a tv episode of 24, the time it takes to get through 3 lights on clifton, the over/under on how many zoomed shots of adam morissons nasty stache cbs shows, who will boot at the bar at the end of the night, etc.

i am pretty sure there are universal yes men out there. these are the people who say yes to everything. as far as i know, my buddy choo is the only true yes man i know. yes to any social activity. yes to any drinking activity. yes to any competition activity. yes to any restaurant. yes to road trips. the only thing he says no to is the one thing i always say yes to. which is ironic. yes yes?

ok...pretty much done talking about the yes man. moving on.
File Sharing. now i know that most of the blogging community knows what this concept means, but to the people out there who are still in the frickin dark about this concept.... you know how you have itunes. and your computer has a ton of songs. but maybe youre kinda looking to expand your library? but you dont really know how to get other peoples tunes? well, there is a concept called FILE SHARING. if you use instant messenger, you can share your files with ANY of your friends. so if you have a buddy with good taste, and you both have a fast connection, you can 100% pick and choose what tunes you want from their library. here is how:
1. Sign on to AIM. make sure you arent using the beta sucks.
2. go to the top of the thing, File --> Edit Options --> Edit Preferences
3. go down to file sharing
4. in the first box up top, find the location of all your music. (if you were smart, you would have one big folder with all your itunes and mp3s.)
5. choose your permissions...i would recommend display approval dialog for buddy list.
6. go into the firewall option. usually its the first one, but if this shit doesnt work then try the others.
7. go to someone on your buddy list. tell them to do these exact same steps.
8. click on the top of their IM under People... and there is an option "Get Files"
9. Pick and choose which tunes you want. hold ctrl-click to select multiple options.
10. let them get any of your tunes they want.
**This is extremely easy and well worth it if you know a ton of buddies with good tunes**
if you are on a large network, like say at work or school or if your city has wifi, you can download a program called MyTunes and if there are people sharing their ITunes, you can rip directly off their computer to yours. this is another easier option, since you dont have to know the person.

Last but not least.... i have a ton of dank tunes. if you want to exchange, holler at me.
this years ncaa tourney seems to have had a ton of good games. buzzer beaters, upsets, bracket buster games, etc. every fucking year i am in the running for the win, and every year my bracket falls apart. i was one of only three people to put texas in the final four... if it was Texas UConn in the finals, i would have won it all. but i kinda like seeing teams like UNC, Duke, Texas, Kentucky fall by the wayside. Did you know that George Mason's school website got more hits this week than the total hits in the entire existence of the website? thats pretty cool.

if you filled out a bracket on a yahoo or espn pool, peruse the people who are the overall leaders.... amazing! that some of the top guys took #11 george mason to the final four, not to mention a #2, #4, and a #3. little history lesson for you... last time there were no #1 seeds in the NCAA tourney, my man Denny Crum took the #2 Louisville Cards all the way in 1980.


At 3/29/2006 11:36 AM, Blogger Wintermute said...

about fricking time you made a comeback.

i'm a yes man to your mom's tooter

At 4/02/2006 5:33 PM, Anonymous Nascar John said...

Word on the Moe's and Joe's. I also was a yes man to bringing my own box of Lucky Charms to the bar.


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