Monday, February 13, 2006

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Nose Jobs and Fur Coats

Ladies ladies ladies. hello. its been a long time since we had some face time. today i would like to talk about a trend that should have died in the late 80s.

Two weekends ago when it wasnt snowy in atlanta, two words that should never be put together, i was at piedmont park for a rousing game of pickup football. it was really just supposed to be a toss game, but 3 chicks and a dude wanted to play and you know i'm not turning that shit down. so it was about 60 degrees out, a little wind, and i think i spotted like 5 fur coat outfits throughout the day. not full on fur coats, but like little fur tanktops and fur hoodies and shit like that. hideous. fucking hideous. no dude is into that. mark my words, i speak the truth, stop buying fur clothing items.

Details: Youll be one sexy Eskimo in this zip-front, fur vest from More Dash Than Cash. Pair this mockneck separate with anything - from wool trousers to fashionably-faded denim jeans.

of course nothing can be worse than the double whammy: fur poncho

why do girls get nose jobs? i mean, i understand if you are "Mo chuisle" and you get pummeled in a boxing match and need to get that shit fixed to breathe right. but girls who are just unhappy with the fact that mom and dad's genetic combination fucked with your schnozz is not exactly a stellar reason to have it done. i mean i guess on the one hand, its amurrica damn it, and a girl should be able to get whatever fixed however she wants. but at the same time, noses are unique and unless you have a fucking sick looking nose i guess i dont get why you would want to make it thinner or less jewish. i mean honestly, youre probably never going to be able to do coke after the operation... why risk it?
in other news, sudoku is the new way for parents to impress upon their flown-the-coop children that they still have 'it' and age and baby boomerism aint stoppin em now.
a 25 year old white male was arrested outside of his office today... apparently, he had been raping and scouring the Internet for a few hours every single day, 9-5, M-F. the father of the victim, al gore, was said to be shocked and in mourning.
Saturday Night Live has been really really bad for several years now. i like some individual cast members but on the hole, just not as funny as the old days. but i figured out something today... the 80s and 90s SNL was hilarious live and hilarious on re-runs. The late 90s early 2000s was absolutely NF during the actual taping of the show, but give each episode about 2 years buffer and they are actually funnier when they are re-runs. this is a quandry, as the whole point of the show is that its fresh and current. but tell me the horatio sanz stoner webcam skit is not even funnier now than it was before. re-watch some of the newest re-runs and tell me you dont stay tuned to the skits you fast forwarded on tivo when it was actually Saturday Night 'Live'.


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