Thursday, February 02, 2006

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Funny IM Conversation

This conversation was had between two girls, then emailed to me. I love the part where A makes a fashion simile and suddenly it is all cleared up for E. worth the read...
A: read vicklanta
E: ok justin's blog is the most disturbing thing i have ever read ever
E: unless it is in some way an inside joke that i dont get
E: but its just not funny anyway you look at it

A: hahah
A: it's the aristocrats joke

E: wait
E: i dont get it
E: please explain it

A: that's what the whole movie was about
E: what movie
E: help

A: remember how much i loved that movie this summer? the documentary
E: no
A: it was super popular this summer
E: i have no idea what you are talking about
A: and still
A: it's the oldest joke

E: oh my god
E: you are not explaining it

A: and the documentary went around
E: start from the beginning
A: hold on, i'm explaining
A: the joke,
A: it is old
A: it only has a set beginning and end
A: it only has a beginning and end - the middle is supposed to be made up by the joke teller
A: the basic gist is that there is this family that does this horrifically offensive act
A: the family goes to the talent agency
A: and they ask to be represented

E: im going to send this convo to justin ps
A: and they do their act for the agent
A: and it's filled w/ the nastiest/most inapprop. things ever
A: some people go w/ beastiality and incest
A: some w/ bodily fluids
A: some a mix of both

E: ew justin is foul
A: and it ends w/ the talent agent asking the name
A: and then the dad going "The Aristocrats!"
A: w/ much fanfare
A: so every comedian knows this joke, it's like something they tell in their spare time
A: each comedian has his own version of it
A: so the guy from Penn and Teller decided to make a documentary and ask famous comedians their thoughts about the joke and to tell their versions
A: it's a great fucking documentary, it was really hot this summer
A: and just came out on video like this week

E: i kind of still dont get it
E: its just like who can be nastiest?

A: not nastiest, necessarily, though it does tend towards that
A: it's mostly just who can be the most shocking
A: it lets comedians showcase their individual styles
A: like, you know how every designer has their own version of a little black dress?

E: oh good analogy
A: this is the little black dress of the comedy world

E: so how could we characterize justin's style?
A: hold on, let me read it more
E: thanks for putting it in fashion terms, it actually cleared up a lot of confusion
E: i think he might need to go to a shrink/sex therapist

A: i think he has mommy issues
A: and sex issues
A: and cocoa butter issues

E: true
E: which goes into his "black people love me" thing

A: true!
A: the problem w/ reading the joke is that so much of it comes through in the telling
A: like, he might have some really stellar hand motions or tones of voice that we're missing
A: just reading it sounds like the diary of some serial kiddy rapist

E: do you think he traded the green for some ice?
A: but i am impressed that he went balls to the wall w/ both the creepy sex and bodily fluids


At 2/03/2006 1:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's actually only a metaphor

At 1/05/2008 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

even though i have absolutely no idea what joke this is, the third person view of it is hilarious. had me in stitches


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