Thursday, February 17, 2005

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Koko Got Served

So the other day koko, jj, wild, me, and amardeep were chilling at our favorite club- compound. the beats were sick and we were doing some of our more classic moves. after the DJ started spinning Paul Oakenfold, wild busted out with the lawn mower and transitioned into a nice running man. koko and jj were break dance fighting with each other, and a crowd gathered around our crew to watch us perform. i did the icky shuffle and the crowd went wild. amardeep was just bobbin his head, lookin like a balla sippin on moet and shit. if they were going to make some movie about how well we danced that night, it would probably look something like this:

So after that night, all these people were totally sweatin' us at the club right. i mean look at koko's (1st guy on left) cargo dance pants. they are totally fresh and allow for maximum air circulation whilst serving someone. plus those curly shenanay locks are TO DIE FOR! So after a long night of boozing and dancing with my guy friends all night while just looking at girls and not saying shit to them, we decided over a big breakfast at waho that we should form a crew of dancers to go serve other crews! we would call ourselves: Straight Ballers. We immediately signed a coach/manager/booking agent, Ryan vonGiggler, to take us to the top. Ya see, the giggler is just a straight baller yall. he had so many numbers in his Sidekick II that we were sure to get signed to a huge sellout company like Napster.

So the six of us went on the road. I mean we drove all over the greater Buckhead area looking to serve people. If we saw a group of drunk dudes we would just go dance our asses off and totally serve them! Most of them were so scared of our sick nasty dance moves that they wouldn't even serve us back. But then....the worst thing that could possibly happen to a young group of up and coming dancers...happened.

Before i get into that, i just want to let anyone reading this know... the life of a server is one of the hardest paths to take. i mean there are just extreme cutthroat ninja moves going on in this business. dancers breaking other dancers legs. people laughing at what we're doing, throwing eggs and punches at us. its extremely stressful and i just dont think enough people know about that side of things.

Anyway, so we were out late one night, and there were tons of brothas and sistas in the streets out around Club Liquid one night. i think one tweezy had closed up. so this group of little 8 year olds came up to serve us and whipped our asses. i mean, they flat out served us!

Now everyone knows what happens when a crew serves someone and then the other crew serves them back, right? Well if you are totally brain dead and have no idea whats going on in the serving world.... basically, it's on. It's On! It's on? Oh ya, it's on.

So they decided to throw the 'its on' dance off in a warehouse off cheshire. that way neither crew really new the area and basically a whole bunch of sketchballs turned out for the event. We danced our hearts out at the end, but the 8 year olds moves were just too good. too fast. In complete and utter frustration we walked away losers while the other team became national cartoon servers who served people left and right and made all the money and signed all the shoe deals. at the end of it, one of the little mexican kids said, "Yall just mad...'cause tonight you suckas got served!" I will never forget it.

this is a shot of the club before we got f'ed in the a

The group split up that day. no one was trippin', we just knew it was over. Von Giggler went on to write his hit classic, 'Just Straight Ballin', a tell-all no holds barred look into the lives of the 5 dancers who got 'f'-ed in the 'a' hard that night. jj moved back to korea, where he continues to dance on techno-dance-pad-video-games... nothing professional like serving though. wild became a CPA, his most dreaded job of all times. he's probably the saddest of them all. amardeep went out to cali and no one ever heard a word from him again. he's probably still eating the pizza slut as we speak. you know my story, stuck in a cube writing these sad tales of years past. as for the 6th man, koko, well.... lets just say he hit the jackpot at this joint called Club One in Savannah, GA. apparently tons of guys love to watch him dance and shake his ass there.....

clairence, weird, and koko are seen here lounging after work

The End.


At 1/07/2006 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking for some information on club liquid. Like, what year did it close down and whether you have been there in 1999. Do you remember what time last call was? This info would be very helpful to me.


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