Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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Corned Beef Karma

Thats right people. the cow. the animal that never gets any shout outs unless its a chick-fil-a billboard littering this wonderful city. and ya know i have to give a little love to the filet mignon. i mean god damn you taste so good. a little mini wassup to the ground round. i dont know where you come from but you go into so many things its hard to just not say wassup. ooh also gotta say mad respect to the utter. i mean what good is mac with no cheese, oreos with no milk, aerosmith album with no cover?

all of these things are wonderful. but today i am going to give the award to the brisket. ya see, the brisket is the meat from the chest and lower breast. when slowly cooked and pickled, it becomes the god damn best meat in the world: corned beef.

Now since my mutha hails from jersey, and she went to the city all the time as a kid, and since new jersey is like the black sheep of the tri-state area family, they know a thing or two about good corned beef. the jewish delis in nyc/nj serve up the most enormous heaping piles of corned beef sandwiches. you almost need 2 extra pieces of rye brought out to collect anything that drops out into a whole new sandwich. they throw the spicy mustard and the kosher pickles out on the table and its just all over. Best. Sandwich. Meat. Ever.

when i wasnt flying to NJ and having corned beef like 3 times a visit, there were limited options. stevens and stevens in louisville didnt open until like 1995. thats the closest to NY you can get in the ville. the next best option was always Shapiro's Deli in Indianapolis. i mean you had to have a reason to be going to indy, but once you did have a reason the shapiros stopover was not even a question... it had to be done.

Now i know the irish folks reading this blog say: hey there lad. wee own the corned beef. wee serve it on our beloved st. pattys day meal. every easter, our little children sean and mollie eat potatoes and corned beef and cole slaw. its in our blood! dont disrespect our culture like that.

and to those irish people: you say potato i say fuck you! its ours. we have the reuben sandwich mother fuckers! you already have the potato fellas. you dont need to be stealing the corned beef for your damn race. let the jews have the fucking corned beef.

and since its my blog, i win. check out these links for a little mystery in history.

last but not least, a little funny anecdote:
So i have lived in ATL for 6ish years. and i have tried the reuben sandwich at a fair amount of restaurants here. and since there is no such thing as a NY style deli in the south, i have of course been perma-unsatisfied. 2 days beforehand, i was talking about corned beef. i craved it. i had been told there was a ny style deli up 75 somewhere, but no idea of the name. sucks! sucks. so last sunday i did my standard crescent room brunch. but this time, afterwards, jonny and i went to twains to play some pool. and when we arrived, there was a smell in the air.... no way, is that? oh shit it is.... corned beef. and why was there a lingering smell of corned beef in the air?

The New York Corned Beef Society of Atlanta was holding its meeting at twains, sundays at 4 pm. and if you dont believe that there is such a thing, just click here or here. i guess they just started in january.... 9 bucks a plate and you get to play pool for free. let me repeat that just in case you didnt read it correctly. 9 dollars. huge corned beef sandwich NY style. pickle. spicy mustard. free pool. wide selections of brews.

I dont mind if you forward this blog to all of your tri state area friends stuck in the south. They have a right to know.


At 3/09/2005 12:54 PM, Blogger Paulie said...

Fuckin' A! I'm (aka inside the perimeter) a queens, ny'er brought to the south as a wee lad by my folks to join the other ny castaways.

Great entry, shoobie. Two days in a row you've hit the cuisines that lack in the atl -- italian and jew deli (term of endearment, people -- settle).

Best corned beef I've found in the atl is at the Bagel Palace, around the corner from 'Kosher Kroger' in Toco Hills. Go figure...

I'll have to join the society at Twains for a sammie and pickle, washed down with some beer in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the knowledge.


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