Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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You Cant Spell Video without VD

Valentines Day plays virtually no role in my life. Like Paulie, I have been single for most of them.... i mean maybe i had a few little hos in 2nd grade but believe me, it didnt pan out the way it should have; bethany taylor was such a cold bitch back then. i did have a nice stint of longterm ladyfriend in college, for v-day i ravaged her at the former Swissotel for a night. delectable. but in general i could give a flying fuck about vday. im sure that will all change one day...

I have kinda always wondered what gay guy couples do for valentines day. i guess being a hetero, my perception of VD is that its a female-needs driven holiday, where girls want to be taken out and treated nicely and given gifts and get sexed up afterwards. i mean if VD dropped off the holiday calendar i dont think any guys would lose any sleep over having to be subjected to awful jewelry commercials from tom shane, the guy who loves to be monotone. (what if in real life, tom shane is totally animated and uses hands and facial expressions to convey tons of body language... we'd never know, he sounds boring and drab with every fresh commercial.) anyway my point is the holiday seems so femmy, if i were a gay guy i dont think i could take my boyfriend seriously if he made a big deal about valentines day.

So now that i am done talking about this bullshit, i have some excellent news. google is dipping their hand into all Internet/New Media opportunities. for about a year now, i have been trying to find a free way to play videos on this blog. i mean there were virtually no free video hosting sites a year ago. but with the shrinking cost of memory and storage, it seems logical that google start hosting some videos for the public. the only other site that i have found is , but that site is better for catching the 'hottest' internet videos; like the ones people are passing around and emailing to each other all found at one site. but google has finally allowed registered users to upload and manage videos through their site

now you may be asking, how does this help you the reader? well sit down, shut the fuck up, and grab some popcorn. shoobie has just uploaded the only 3 videos he could find on his laptop and they have finally been approved (which takes way too fucking long). to my friends who still read this, i KNOW there is funny video footage out there. Stats von Giggler, we need to discuss getting all that video from your digi to my computer. Silver/Coren, i need a new copy of karaoke night. anyone else, comment and i will get in touch. Without further ado.... i bring you, Shoobie's Vlog Episode 1.

this is a short video of Halloween '05. thats harry potter, black power, 2 metalheads, an indie hipster, and britney spears. (in case video doesnt load)

This next video is from a party in the Highlands, hosted by Mike C Productions. A bunch of old fogies were there, but they proved they still have 'it' by hazing the youngest kid at the party who will always step in to do the most outlandish shit whenever needed. I bring you my buddy Fossum, who chugged an entire bottle of maple syrup and later booted in the sink. (in case video doesnt load)

This last video may have been the same night, i'm not really sure. all i know is the pink pony was the final destination and these pussies flaked out at the last minute. but before all that, shoobie was in RARE form. apparently karaoke lazy-boy is more impressive than stand up karaoke. and no thats not sweat from a rousing rendition of 'Footloose', some asshole had just spilled a beer all over himself. (in case video doesnt load)

Hope you enjoyed... stay tuned for future vlogs.


At 2/16/2006 2:09 AM, Blogger cantseefade said...

Nice videos although everyone in the karaoke video appeared to be high on special K or some serious drugs. I am curious though, how long did it take the syrup-chugger before he puked? Oh yeah, here's a similar story, a guy drank some habenero hot sauce one night and immediately ran to the bathroom. Everyone assumed he puked, but that shit was so hot he had contact diarrhea.

At 2/16/2006 9:52 AM, Blogger shoobie said...

i cant answer for what drugs people were on. as for the syrup chugger, it was later in the night after a keg stand and a few rounds of flip cup.

awesome hot sauce story. i laughed out loud.

At 2/17/2006 8:37 AM, Blogger Wintermute said...

so many careers will end after this shit.

it is awesome. shoobie, you are awesome.

this just went out to much of the gamma alumni list.

At 2/25/2006 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't you need permission from participants to post these? wrong venue identification-these were both at grace & rob's house--way way out--that was a fun night


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