Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Motown Philly Back Again

Doin' a little east coast swang. Good afternoon bitches. due to the fact that leaders like washington and jefferson and blah blah started this wonderful nation, i had the day off yesterday. since i study the calendar like its a map to pirate booty, i knew that february 20th was the last day until may 29th that we got off for a BS holiday. ergo, i took a $218 scare-tran flight to the city of brotherly love. (ps- dont you think MLK day should be swapped with Pres day? if youve only been watching VH1 youd know Feb is black history month)

due to the fact that i hung out with lawyers the entire weekend, i am not able to continue telling any more stories. psyyyyche. fuck that shit, i will just leave out the parts where i was hi on illegal trees.

isnt it weird that when you go to a different city, youre always jealous of the shit that they have that you dont? and if you go back to a city you used to live in, you miss the old shit you used to have? hmm, discuss.

philly is danker than new york for the following reasons. philly is way less dirty than the city of new york. the guys in philly act like tough guys... but they arent. the guys in nyc act like tough guys, and they are. philly has more students per capita than nyc, so in general if you hang out with smart people in smart areas you are surrounded by smart people wherever you go. philly has pizza AND cheesesteaks. philly has good restaurants and good bars too. if you looked at a google map of child molestors in nyc vs. philly, you would find larger surface areas in nyc-- in other words, the sketch factor is less on the hole.

the best part about philly was that i got to hang out with mostly girls. in atl i just hang out with too much cock... definitely need to change that. back in the college days it was different, but i just dont hang out with a crew of ladies anymore. anyway point is you hear the most scandalous shit ever when you listen to them talk to each other. how come atlien girls cant handle talking about lude shit in front of guys and philly girls can?

for those of us who have been exposed to people born "in philly", which is a euphemism for "huntington valley, 20 miles away", its mind-numbing to hear them talk about the following 2 topics: sports and cheesesteaks. they take the eagles so seriously, i secretly love any game where something bad happens and the entire city of philly turns on the eagles for that weekend. this year, with the amazing media circus, horrible record, injury-plagued madden/campbells soup cover boy, biggest ego in TO fiesta that was going down there, im surprised the city didnt commit mass suicide. related to cheesesteaks, every single philly resident thinks that their place is the best and all the others are crap. Jim's, Pat's, Geno's, other generic wich. the subtle differences dont make up for the fact that chopped meat covered in cheese and onion and mustard is delicious regardless of what Dago establishment cooked it. and i mean that in the nicest way, your cheesesteaks are delicious.

anyway here is one thing that i learned while in philly.... there is a website called Open Table where you can make reservations online to a ton of restaurants. (and it has ATL listed too) go check it out: linky.
in other news, i have to go a different way to work now. instead of ponce to lullwater with a cut through emory, i now have to go briarcliff all the way down to that kroger cut through to clifton. it sucks... security here closed the Houston Mill entrance, and by default the left turn light to get in is backed up past the fire station every morning.

I just g'ed a ton of tunes from my buddy Stats vonGiggler using AIM file transfer. basically i got a ton of albums i had always wanted to listen to but not purchase. here is what i got:
- Audioslave (actually i bought this, but its new to the pod)
- Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
- Common (also purchased-- dank!)
- Franz Ferdinand
- Jay Z
- The Strokes
- Talib Kweli
- The White Stripes

if anyone out there feels that they want to invade my ipod and therefore allow me to invade theirs, just email me and make sure you have IM messenger. would love to get some sign that people are reading until the end, and this would prove it. laters.


At 2/22/2006 9:21 AM, Blogger Paulie said...

No IM'ing for me right now, but I am proving that I get to the bottom of your entries.


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