Friday, January 06, 2006

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Good afternoon. i have finally cropped and topped my pics in Photoshop and can now share it with the pubelic. So the past 2 weekends have been crazy. I left Friday to drive to the ville, saw too much family, not enough friends, just enough of a casino, and plenty of mj. and reba. youre special. in a good way. choobs even sacked it up when no one else would and joined me in taking a trip out to caesars palace of love where i won and he lost. what a good friend. Then, i drove back down to Atown, worked for 2 1/2 days, then took a flight to the god damned best city in the country.

When i was a little shorty, going to summer camp with jappy bitches from long island, i basically refuted all that NYC had to offer. it was like the devil and i was proud to be back in the middle south after summer. chilled out, cool cutter kids... none of that park ave poonan. but now, every time i visit the big apple, i have a fucking kick ass time. no question. there is just soooo much to do, so little time. you can literally go to any spot, any restaurant, any concert, any time, 24-7. all the fucking time you can get to something cool. honestly i dont know how people work there, i would be playing too much for my own good.

our buddy from the ATL nascar john moved to nyc, but he was coming back to ATL for NYE to get some of the ex lady friend sexing. as a result, we opened our empty house to him and he opened his sick apartment to us. 35th floor. north moore street. TRI-BE-CA. to the west is the hudson river view, and straight ahead is the entire stretch of midtown. here is the google overhead and of course the real. hiphop.

to the left, the night view of the river.

straight ahead, tight shot

ahead, lower and midtown manhattan. is this apartment not a panty dropper?

so my flight got in late friday, like 10 pm, but no need to stay in. after convincing dbone and a.wild we should not just watch HD, we met up with all the testosterone who were boozing hard at this place called Park. it literally had a neon sign outside that looked like a 70s parking garage, but it was very dank inside. the bartenders on both floors sucked and the waitresses were non existent. so not only did you have to shell out 30 bucks on avg. per bar visit, you also had to stand there with all the popped collars and fucking mousse hair to grab a drink. typical nyc sceney bar. like sutton place, only more asian and shittier bar service. (nyc residents, how am i doin so far?)

got to see marissa, she is looking beautiful as ever. no creative similes there, but i am glad i did get to say whattup. by the end of the night i was crunk and peaced out around 2. apparently everyone else was out til 6 am at a hippie place.... but while they were hippying it up at a club, i was hippying it up back at nascar jons place. i did stop with levy and a.wild at an irish dude's pub... screevy knows the name of the place, the guy has real estate in ATL and he barely knew where it was... irish accent, says its uh, somethin new, big development...maybe uh, atlantic station? wow buddy, good work. here are the pics. boys who i know are reading this, if you email me your pictures i will throw the best ones up on here. naoum, youre the unofficial historian... get on that. in the meantime:

skanciel and jd. would anyone guess he's having the time of his life?

the next day, woke up around 1 and it was frickin freezing in nyc on new years eve day. isnt it such a production to do anything in new york if you dont know where to eat or where to go or dont know exactly how to get there. like in atlanta, you have an afternoon and you can accomplish 5 things. in nyc, you get ready to go to lunch, get to lunch, wait, eat, walk around, go take a nap. and thats just to eat one meal! ahh, but what a meal it was... after 2 hours of delaying because we were hungover shitheads, we went to get some 2nd street avenue deli. and you know what that means.... juicy, tall, heaps of new york corned beef on rye with pickles, slaw, and thousand island. d-licious.

mmm. i know you want some. followers, come to twains this sunday at 4pm and you can get a slight taste of what this is all about

so new years eve comes around and we are kinda worried skanciel wont pull it off. nyc new years events cost a lot and its like playing the lotto with your money, you never know what youre going to pull. fortunately for us, our party was awesome. raph made an awesome call to do the event, and when i am telling you it was open bar, it was fucking wide open. they had all the liquor you needed, plenty of beer, a huge bar area, and of course three drunken bartenders who were fast as shit. why would a bartender choose to be slow? the slower you are, the less you make. this boggles the mind when you think about how slow bartenders move. we had a little vip corner which eventually someone bought bottles for. there were lots of ladies. there were two levels in the club. the tunes were good. the only thing that could have helped was if you could smoke inside the club. which we did anyway. cigs and nugs.

bellend (from the caption contest) brought his bag and papers and rolled a j in the vip corner. eventually we all kinda assumed sitting positions and sparked it. within 3 minutes the bouncer was peekin around, seeing who had it. he wasnt being a dick or anything, but if he saw it that was all she wrote. we were nice and discreet, but when he turned away from us bellend tried to slip his stuff to D-pa. he gave him the nish nish, so of course bellend turns to me and is like yo hold this. not sensing any danger, i of course was like ok. no one got busted, everyone was happy, and i had some headies to recover with all day sunday. when i am telling you the night was cool, it was working out in my favor left and right.

drunken stories can be recapped in the comments section. for now, i am just gonna post these pictures and get the fuck out of here. its 5 on friday.

D-Pa is just straight ballin' VIP up in NYC

housman, why did this big bitch make me take a picture of you two?

Stanton VonGiggler shows everyone about indie ballers. Notice everyone is giving their girls the sexy eye, while he contemplates the tile pattern on the disco floor.

little do these jappy bitches know... that kid draped over them is a german! raph's newest nickname was Saurkraut... that shit is funny

obligatory overhead party shot #1

obligatory overhead party shot #2. (does anyone spot the KOC in the room?)

Hope you have a great 2006! (or 2001+5 if you're these idiots)


At 1/08/2006 11:22 PM, Blogger Wintermute said...

well, did you pull any wool or wake up cuddling with borat?


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