Friday, January 20, 2006

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Outpost of Tyranny

Holy shit. sorry i have been working my ass off for 3 straight weeks of productivity... it looks as though things will not be changing much here, bloggies might be few and far between. or they might be 3-a-days. youll just have to check for yourself... how exciting. (by the way, what does everyone think about the blog makeover? i am a CSS addict like a mufucka)

So back in the 50s and 60s, Amurrica got into a little fight with a new socialist dictator Fidel Castro. he and his rebels had taken power and since they were socialists, jfk couldnt see eye to eye with their political and social agenda. so he took a group of 1000 cuban refugees living in florida and backed them with false hope of beating castro. they were doomed to fail, but when jfk re-niged on air raids, marine backups, and a stronghold on a beach with guerilla warfare support, the rebels were killed or taken captive. since it was blatantly obvious the US was in on it, we forced castro to side with Russians for protection from the US. After the cuban missile crisis, jfk placed a big ban on cuba and basically promised to never invade again-- instead, he would just cut them financially. so no more import/export with cuba, and to further cripple this nation economically, any company who did trade goods or services with cuban companies could not deal with the US... we wouldnt accept their business. Also, US citizens could not travel to cuba unless they went through mexico or canada illegally. talk about irony. the travel ban had been off and on throughout the next 30 years, but the trade embargo was definitely on.

Although the US has begun to normalize trade with other communist countries like china and vietkong, cuban relations have not changed in 30 years. many of the cuban exiles living in florida, alarge electoral presence, have held their ground; the topic of ending the embargo is not anything current officials want to touch.

In 2000, however, a hurricane hit cuba pretty hard and because of 'humane reasons', Billy boy Clinton signed an act to relax the embargo and allow cuba to purchase food and medical aid from the US. of course, cuba would have to pay COD (cash up front, nig) and obviously they werent too pleased with this generous concession the US allowed. however, they eventually began to buy lots more imports and with the pressure of farmers and agricultural peeps in amurrica, the US exports to cuba have increased each year. importing cuban goods is still illegal and subject to fines. jimmy carter has taken the stance that we should end the embargo and repair relations with a neighbor, but bush and his pops were both anti that idea.

International criticism of the US embargo has reached near full capacity, only 4 nations out of 183 agree with the US on their longheld policy. Israel, since they suck our penis. marshall islands, which we gained in the WW2, and Palau, which brought us a great free safety for the pittsburgh steelers. not that they matter one iota, but jesse jackson and farrakhan are both anti-embargo as well. damn the man.

Anyway, the reason i bring all this up is because with the exception of the cash exports we are granting to cuba, we have never really made a concession to end the embargo.... until today. Today, for the first time in 40 years, the US has decided that they will participate on an even playing field with the cubans... on a baseball field. after applying to the World Baseball Classic, they had been denied because of the restrictions. due to pressure from puerto rico (host of the event) and the US olympic committee, and the threat from the international baseball committee to not recognize the competition, someone prodded bush's ass and he agreed to reverse the ban of cuba in the baseball tourney. Hallelujah! praise the lord.

So after 40 years of red scare, nuculur weapons threats, shutting down an entire economy, indirectly being responsible for thousands of sick and dead cubanos, decline of cuban agriculture and basic industry, jacking their small reserves of cash, freezing all cuban assets in the US, and of course never buying any cuban cigars to stick up interns twats (wink wink), we have finally decided to make one teeny tiny exception and "OK'd" Cuba's bid to play in the WBC.

damn isnt Bush the nicest guy for doing that. way to be so diplomatic. the best part about the whole situation is that even though cuba is poor and in debt to russia and totally fucked because of 40 years of ruin, bush is adamant that the only reason he OK'd this reversal was because castro would not gain any financial gains from the WBC; he is donating them TO THE US! for hurricane katrina relief. he still claims that Cuba is an "outpost of tyranny". fucking euphamisms.

now i am not saying i agree with cuba and i am not saying i agree with bushy. as a matter of fact i love to just mention this shit and then passively agressively back myself out of the conflict because i despise all politics and any discussions relating to politics. besides, i would never go to cuba and i could give a fuck if i never taste cuban whiskey or a cigar in my life. all i know is that if the US wins their schedule and Cuba wins theirs (both events doubtful), Cuba will definitely beat our squad of paycheck players. i mean, at least they want to play... our squad cant even figure out if they should be playing for the US or their 'birth country'. that is all.


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