Friday, November 04, 2005

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Mandatory Friday Post

I mean it when i say blogging is just not comin easy these days. i am so frickin busy at work busting my ass for these damn indians who refuse to follow the government code of being lackadaisical and continue their hard-working approach to any task. as a result i am learning a lot about and css stylesheets and all that crap, cant follow pop culture news nearly as closely.

last night i played poker again and cashed out up 55 on 50 bucks buy-in. i just played solid poker and was able to pull a win. so that makes my total for this game 2/2 for 305 bucks. not bad to make 1000% interest on your investments. i stone cold bluffed twice, for medium size pots... that makes me even more wet than doubling up with all-ins on AA.

along the lines of my winning personality, i also got to catch the traditional thursday night espn louisville cardinals home game... against dave wannstedt and his pitiful pitt crew. the line was -21 and the ville was up 15 with 9:45 on the clock. they proceeded to run 18 plays for 80 yards, 9 minutes, and of course the completely unnecessary rushing td at the end... causing me to jump and shout for the luckiest bet win ever. i mean swings like that happen a few times a week in vegas, its always good to be on the W side of that column.

monday was of course the annual office halloween party. if any of you are watching one of the funniest shows on tv, nbc's office, you can relate to the fact that my party was held in our conference room like last year and was just as fucking pathetic and boring as ever. i guess thats just how we roll here...

from left to right, thats avian flu, cowboy, star wars, and a 65-year old teabag

LAAAAME! i did not receive a cupcake last year....

in other news i decided to 'table' my halloween costume idea for a year when i have more jewfro working for myself.... i just couldnt do justice to krusty the clown or ben wallace from the pistons. instead my idiot roomie who ordered a costume next-day delivery on october 29 that never came, forced me into the 10-years aged beavis and butthead. i guess it turned out pretty well.

of course what would a party be without dirty 80s rockers and a few indie hipsters.

and a little hetero-erotic fun

what?! so i like babys nipples... so what! at least im not r kelly.

and thats basically all ive got. next friday i get off for veterans day, which is more than i can say for the majority of my homies. gonna take my 60 in winnings and line up 10 shots of petron tonight at neighbors for this chickies bday. corned beef sunday is officially so on. and dont worry, you wont miss your atlanta falcons taking it to miami on the road 31-13. (they have sunday ticket..and shuffleboard!)

oh shit i forgot! paulie just bitched about getting unsolicited devil666-ticketmaster emails about upcoming ripoff shows you can buy tix for. however, i had to click on this link to truly find out what the "1st Annual Dirty Awards" were for $50. you can see for yourself.

have a great fucking weekend! go falcons. run dunn run! check vicklantasy for fantasy updates.


At 11/05/2005 1:19 AM, Blogger Wintermute said...

err, you guys had the hots for lawfanduh and you know it

At 11/08/2005 5:08 PM, Blogger jsk323 said...

Just needed to get this story up here somewhere...from this past weekend when my parents were in town helping fix up my and Shuster's pad (technically it's mine and he is my serf, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt).

Anyway around 11am on Saturday my parents and I had already been up for several hours painting and doing other Tim-the-tool man shit. Power tools...argh argh argh. Walking down from my room we pass Shuster's door and I immediately smell the sticky icky being lit in Shuster's underground lair. Of course my mom was totally oblivious to it since she has never so much as drank a beer in her life. My dad, however (who is a bit more aware of such pursuits, though he of course didn't inhale) was onto Shuster immediately.

Dad (whispering to me): Hey, is Justin getting high up in his room?

Me: Probably...

Dad (smiling): Kind of early for that, no?

Me: Well what can ya do.

Dad (joking): Not that I would know what that stuff smells like, people have told me though...

Me: Nice

Anyway I thought that was pretty funny. Reality of it is he obviously didn't care. I mean he did take us on a family vacation last year to Amsterdam at the request of my brother afterall.


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