Monday, October 24, 2005

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MNF Part 2

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, i will once again be embarking on a mind-altering experience to the GA Dome for our 2nd of 3 Monday Night Football games this season. I received a late late 4:45 phone call from yanyayan yatz (my roomie) and it went something like this:

Yan: hey do you want to go to the falcons game tonight
Me: dude, what a fucking teaser. now you changed your mind?
Yan: well...
Me: you got tickets... free tickets?
Yan: ya and theyre sick too. section 223. look that up buddy.
Me: awesome man, ya ill definitely go
Yan: ya he said he had two extra tickets and a friend could go, i figured if i didnt ask you you know where i sleep and youd come after me
Me: well, thats true...
Yan: later

so for the second MNF game, i have secured tickets way way late in the day. hopefully MARTA wont be ridiculously backed up until 2 am again. and due to my fantasy roster deficiencies, hopefully well see a lot more of this guy in the end zone:

i am 5 points back in FF, but my opponent has Vick and I have Dunn.


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