Monday, September 26, 2005

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New Fall Lineup

Fine toma! i will talk about the easiest thing to talk about, HDTv. first off i would just like to say that comcast can suck a big fatty... they always advertise about the Dish going out and how reliable their service is in comparison... i cant tell you how many DVR scheduled programs did not get recorded this past week due to comcast having horrible reception, sometimes the picture would freeze, or hop out of surround sound randomly. in any case, a lot of new shows have already started and in case you didnt jump on the bandwagon before, you can just netflix what you want and start checking out the following shows:

Shoobie's Heady Danky Tivo Schedule for the Fall of 2005

-NEW FAMILY GUY episodes began last night on FOX at 9. quite amusing. family guy is clearly one of the top 3 shows ever created, so its no wonder they wanted to re-open the new episodes this fall. in case youre living on a fucking other planet, Stewie Griffin: the untold story, a straight-to-dvd movie is being released this tuesday. you can come watch it at our HD DLP Tv tomorrow, the viewing will begin around 9 pm. The only thing i request is that you dont come empty handed, pinch some from your mom if you have to.

- LOST kicked off its second season last week, on cbs wednesday at 9. If you didnt watch the first season, you missed out on perhaps what is the best cliffhanger show ever on tv. (go rent asap) i mean they opened the hatch for christs sake! and i have no idea whats going on in there, not to mention who would kidnap a kid in the middle of the ocean from a group of airline survivors. good eye candy, excellent plot, twists and turns everywhere. awesome show.

-DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES began, on abc sunday at 9. yes, i am a straight male. yes, i would rather watch football than shop. however, the eye candy factor on this show is just too much to pass up. i havent even watched the 1st episode since there is so much sunday programming, but when i do i am sure i will be right back in the mix of wisteria lane. can teri hatcher and eva langoria please just get to fucking so i can kill a kitty and get back to the NFL game?!

-WEEDS has already run about 4 shows, but if you read this blog and you laugh at the stoner jokes, i can guarantee you will like this showtime show, mondays at 10. most people dont have showtime since it sucks except for late night specials... until now. we have a free trial from comcast somehow, but this show is definitely dank. and its not all about weed!

-CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM started yesterday, hbo sunday at 10. This is also a top 3 ever show for me, and yes... even over seinfeld. why? because they can blow up the f-bomb and say things that couldnt be said on network tv. if you havent seen the first 4! seasons, then you are an idiot. rent quickly and catch up, hbo is infamous for their re-runs. first epsiode was high-mids but i know better ones are down the pipe.

-ROME is a miniseries on hbo sunday at 9 pm. i think yesterday was episode 4, but i would like to say that i am hooked and the sex, nudity, and violence is pretty sweet in this one. i think the director had some serious creative license, but this show should not be missed. and when i say nudity, i mean cock, balls, ass, tits, and bush. furreal. the show is about ceasars rise to power, and the vibrant colors and awesome scenery is amazing. NAMBLA sex with little boys can be fast forwarded.

-MY NAME IS EARL is on NBC Tuesdays at 9 pm. the star of the show is Jason Lee, from Mallrats and Jay and Silent Bob, etc. the first episode already happened, but i laughed almost the entire time. earl is an idiot (think office space neighbor) who is trying to make up for all the bad stuff he's done in life by doing good for the same people. he got his inspiration from carson daly talking about karma on TRL.... truly a great plot background for what looks to be a hilarious season. Jaime Pressley in hot pants and a beater helped.

-THE OFFICE is on NBC Tuesdays at 9:30. This american version of the BBC series is hilarious. Steve Carrell is always hilarious. i love lamp. this time he is the manager of a crappy office somewhere in pennsylvania. the jokes are americanized and the show separated from the british version after episode 1. you should have already seen the original Office, and now you should be watching this one too.

- JOEY is on NBC, thursdays at 8 pm. OK, this show might not get the ratings that friends once enjoyed... but joey is a character everyone has come to love. Drea de Matteo seriously helps out, not to mention the hot landlord Andrea Anders. dont ask, i dont know her either. also, paulo the stoner from road trip who i have met in person is on the show. Joey jokes never get old.

- SHOWBIZ SHOW WITH DAVID SPADE is on comedy central, 10:30 Thursdays. even without his SNL writers, david spade maintains his sarcastic shit eating grin comedy with this prelude to the Jon Stewart show. they have been trying to get a good one on CC, and i think this show is funny. some of the jokes are completely blank, but most of them are hilarious. think 'hollywood minute', but fresher and more funny.

-EXTRAS also premiered yesterday on hbo sunday at 10:30. This show is produced by Ricky Gervais, who created the original Office for the BBC. its dry, as most british things are. but it was funny. Gervais is just an average person like you or me, not start struck at all with celeb life, and has a warped sense of how people interact with each other. as a result, he is subtly and intelligently offensive, and since its on HBO he can say shit and fuck and bollocks and whatever weird words brits use.

-HEAD CASES uhhh, actually this one got the proverbial 'ax' from FOX. two episodes, mids at best. adam goldberg just cannot get his career off the ground as a star. chris o'donnell, well... as katz put it he went from movie star to cancelled tv star pretty quickly. maybe he will resurface one day. this show was kinda bad and i would rather be on the Lost island at the same time, instead of watching.
Falcons had an awesome weekend. D. Hall caught another INT.
Louisville lost its national champ bid this weekend. sucks. sucks bad. horrible game.
check vicklantasy for an update on my fantasy shit... i played "popped collar" KB this weekend, and you should see the results.


At 9/26/2005 8:14 PM, Blogger Amber said...

Desperate Housewives is awesome, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Fucking love it.

I also love comment spam that tries to disguise itself. It never succeeds. Like a friend trying to surreptitiously ask to borrow money.

At 9/27/2005 1:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have one favor to ask of you and please get back to me about this. I know this sounds a little queer but the third season of nip/tuck started last tuesday with a phenomenal hour and a half episode...involving a bangin threesome. If you have not watched this show you need to start, give it a chance and you will be hooked. Feel free to use whatever supplements needed to aid and stimulate your viewing experience. Again I believe it is on Tuesdays at 10pm on FX, though the reruns are on late almost every night.

At 9/27/2005 8:54 AM, Blogger shoobie said...

Amber, you cant use $100 words on this site due to the fact that neither i nor my GMAT slaying roomie had any clue what that vocab word meant.

anonymous, i guess it would be appropriate to tell you that i do NOT watch the following shows:
-Law and Order
-CSI: anywhere
-any other medical or lawyer show
-most reality tv

i also have a pretty big issue with open surgeries, blood, tissue, or any other graphic medical shit associated with what i have heard is a great show in nip/tuck.

At 9/27/2005 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are missing out...the point of the show being about plastic that it is a stepping stone to including sex in every episode.

I also do not watch any lawyer/ doctor shows and never have aside from doogie houser...I made nip/tuck an exception.

Anony-moose = TOMA TIME


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