Friday, June 03, 2005

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i apologize if i come off a little inconsiderate i got the bubble kush and a sista can get a hit of it.

Apologies for the seemingly absent blog that is supposed to be at this url. i have been in Crystal training for twerk and as you can tell by the previous post, my new coworker-who-has-a-higher-pay-grade has decided to make my life a working hell.

crystal is a software package used to do reporting services on data. absolutely useful if youre a programmer and completely not important if youre just cruising by this site looking up words like 'schlong', 'big schlong', 'derby boobies', or any other of the freaky things people are googling these days.

- my trainers name is harry wood. it was 2:17pm before i realized that this was hilarious. thats how fucking exhausting it is.
- corned beef sunday is this sunday! at twains in decatur at 4pm. for the love of god, if you know anything about good meat or nyc deli or anything else, you would show up.
- on another note, this weekend looks to be jam packed with bachelor party activities. i heard blondie might even be involved, along with countless other deputants at the fine establishment: pink pony.
- ricky williams might finally un-retire? i thought i already took care of that shit.
- ray lewis is out of jail but enrolling in a halfway house. maybe i can be his chronic connex while he is in town. i mean i have sucked dick for cocaine, has he ever sucked dick for some marijuana?
- go karl! and go dwayne wade!
- dan kolb blows his seventeenthish save this season. his record is an incredible 1-7
- thank jesus for payday fridays
- have a great fucking weekend.

HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY VICKLANTA!! youre so witty and funny!
(so...when do i get laid for my blog, i heard thats when you know youve made it)


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