Wednesday, May 04, 2005

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Bros Before Hoes

In fratty frat frat world, this saying was so engrained in daily conversation that if you wanted to do anything outside the walls of the house full of dudes, you almost had to sneak away and not reveal your destination. anytime there was an 'event' going on, big or small, and you say something like 'hey i am not in the mood, im gonna go hang out at (insert ho name here)'s place, you were verbally beraded with word like 'sellout', 'bitch', 'paycheck player', 'whipped', etc.

in the real world, grown up world, world outside of fratty fratastic frattily frat frat, things severely change. i like hanging out with my buddies, dont get me wrong. without them i would be going to sin city and hitchiker's solo, no braves games, no boozing in bars, not to mention being a recluse and possibly even reading books to pass the time.... but nowadays i can honestly say the term bros before hoes has outlasted its worth.

i will always sell out my friends for ladytime. i can see you pricks anytime i want to. its not like theres tons of opportunities in a-town to swim in a different circle and meet new people. so no more use of this phrase. its over. spent. suck my balls i'm out.


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