Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Day Laborers

pictures of titty titty titty titty titty are coming soon. streaming video will somehow be available. the ky derby was awesome but i want to save it all for one post. so with that in mind....
lets talk a little bit about day laborers. now i know you stuffy white kids are asking, is he talking about me? i work during the day so technically i am a day laborer too. dont worry cracker, you will most certainly not be mixed into this group... thats because 'day laborers' is the p.c. way republicans refer to 'illegal mexican immigrants'.

georgia has one of the highest influxes of immigrant workers. some people are even calling this phenomenon 'georgiafornia' based on the west coasts open arms policies. immigrants began coming to georgia in the 1990s, working on the olympic construction, and then moving north to daltons esteemed carpet industry and other various labor intensive jobs around the south.

understanding that home depot is an atlanta company, headed by our falcons financier Arthur Blank, is one key to the reason all the mexicans swarm our state. basically they just live off buford highway and hoof it to work, which translates into standing outside the home depot for hours in the morning hoping to get some work/money for construction jobs.

"home depot is the new cancun," says one sobuck resident.
"thank god theyre here... it feels great to move up a peg on the ladder of racism," says a black dude.
"hey main, you gonna eat all those chimichangas main?" asked one of our witnesses.

(article) recently, mexican guys have been beaten senseless by several local high school boys. they just show up in a truck to any home depot, ask the guys if they want to work, take them to some remote location, and beat the fuck out of them and take whatever money they have on them. sometimes they use the money on their prom dates, other times they use it to buy CDs, DVDs, and big bags of the chronic. that last part is unconfirmed but if i beat a man senseless and took his cash, thats what i would use it for.

georgian racists cannot stand that we are sitting idle while mexican and guatemalan workers flow through our state like liquid plumber down a drain. they say things like this country was founded by white men, we dont need color. what a fucking ridiculously ignorant statement. they try to protest events like a debate whether immigrants should be granted licenses or not. what a fucking debacle. if they are going to be true to their cause, they need to elect smarter representatives to pass on their message of hate mongering.

all in all, i have absolutely no desire to do anything about this problem.
to the mexican victims.... dont seek help from american bueracracy. take matters into your own hands, scarface style.
to the georgian racists... get bent.
to everyone else.... you can pick up your very own mexican day laborer at any of home depot's 10,000 locations. look for them in the leather lounge chairs watching HDtv in the parking lot.

one funny anecdote. so i used to live with jesus h christ, or at least one of his many disciples. he left town to go on a 2 week mission, which is the christian way of saying food for jesus. we were moving out of our place and he asked his 2 new roomies to move the big screen while he was gone. being the lazy emory boys that they were, they decided not to move his shit through a regular insured moving company... instead they rolled down to home depot and asked two guys if they could pay them to lift the shit. of course one thing led to another and somehow when johnson came back into town his tv had a crack in the screen.

important lesson #1: dont ask your friends to move all your shit for you.
important lesson #2: dont ask a mexican either

if you were in this new living situation and you left the responsibility in the hands of your roomie to get your tv out, and a bunch of day laborers f-ed it up, who is to blame?
god damn i hope i have a slew of titties to show you tomorrow.


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