Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Thirsty Girl? See Ya At Leo's Lane

thats right, summertime in the a-town means one very important facet of life.
QT. 32 oz drinks. 59 cizents.

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ATL Falcons have something to look forward to. Donovan McNabb will be gracing the cover of Madden 2006. As everyone knows he is destined to have either A) a shitty season or B) an injury. sounds like mike vick might ease his way into NFC playoff championship game.

ATL Hawks receive 2nd pick in 2005 NBA Draft. Milwaukee Bucks had only a 6% chance of getting 1st pick. Probably better off, now we can gank a point guard from the powerhouse UNC squad.

ATL Braves fans out there.... Kyle Davies, a rookie called up for pitching due to injuries, is already (1-0) due to his career opening game against the world champion Boston Red Sox. He is straight outta decatur, ga and will be pitching tonight for the sweep of the NY Mets.

Last but not least, at every home game there is a superfan who is there screaming, yelling, carrying about. he doesnt actually use words, more like grunts and gasps when things happen. like for example, when Rafael Furcal comes up to the plate, he screams what can only be deciphered as 'GOOOOO KAAAARRRL!' besides the drooling and random bursts of energy and scream, he is pretty funny to keep an eye on during the game. next time youre at a braves game check the 1st base side, right field corner, right before the bullpen and foul pole. you might see this crazy mfer, i scooted up twice and he was there both times.

This is Leo, and you have just entered Leo's Lane


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