Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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CDz Nuts

hi. 8th grade called. it wants its jokes back.

I am a big fan of music. A lot of people say that... but there are all different types of music lovers out there. so lets dig deeper. i would rather go to a live concert than any other activity. one of my fears is having to pick between two awesome shows. i cannot stand talk radio. in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even those 4 am biloxi runs, tunes only. i used to have an mp3 player in my car. 100s of tunes at a time on one disc but also played regular cds. heaven. then some schvatties stole my shit (3 times total) and ganked my CDs to boot. all of them. nirvana in utero. weezer the blue one. rem automatic for the people. even presidents of the united states of fuckin' amurrica. all my beastie boys. all my shit. gone.

so lets talk mp3s. i had a buddy way ahead of the times in high school. singer would rip other peoples CDs onto his little 640MB computers and burn mix cds for $5 a disc at 1x speed. he couldnt get a network of mp3s, and there was no napster, but he just took all the CDs of anyone who wanted a mix cd. i used to have him make dank "love cds" with marvin gaye and dave matthews and al green. that was when i didnt know shit. anyway, i digress.

in college mp3s were like the new crack. i was the tyrone biggums of napster. man i downloaded everything. emory didnt know shit about bandwith issues or legal property rights back then, so tunes just flowed like water. people inside the dorm were also getting movies and video games, windowsXP, all cracked shit, and just sharing it with everyone on campus. for four years i stockpiled the most massive selection of finely chosen tunes ever. it was throughout this time that all my cds got stolen. i cared, but i figured i could just roll my mp3s forever and just ride it out.

alas, i have come to a weird crossroads in my life. i mean i rip off interpol like a mother fucker right now. whatever, i said it. and i downloaded so many mp3s. but for some reason i have had a recent resurgence of motivation to purchase whole albums. i know you can probably download a whole album for free and risk getting caught. but i kind of miss the artwork on the front. or the fact that even if i dont want songs 5, 8, and 11, i can just fast forward because most of the cd is dank. i used to have some dank dank albums, and i should try and restore my collection plus add on new discs as they are released.

my friend emily IMed me the other day and said she is the god of all itunes. she has 10,000 songs. she abuses her ipod to the point that it doesnt even like the sound of music anymore. she has free reign on millions of songs because the entire city of philly is 'wired'. she threw away all her old CDs.

errererrrrr huuuuuuh?!?! (imagine the record scratching to a stop at a club)

you threw away....CDs?! threw them away. just like, in the trash? blasphemy.


At 4/26/2005 1:37 PM, Blogger achoo said...

it's true, maybe a PA thing. my friend philly boy in pittsburgh does the same thing. buys CDs, itunes them, and tosses them out - doesn't want the clutter.

At 4/26/2005 3:31 PM, Blogger Paulie said...

shit! they could always sell them to a used cd store so mf'ers like me can pay $8 per instead of $15 per.

my friends drop the jewel case, but i want it all...


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