Monday, April 18, 2005

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420 Is In 3 Days!

Ahh yes, the annual pothead celebration.... a time to do something COMPLETELY different from the standard practices of the other 364 days of the year. why do we make a huuuge deal about 4/20 the date? true potheads probably smoke 3 times a day, so i guess on our annual holiday we concoct brownies AND get really blunted.

now before i go into one of the greatest struggles of all times, my recollection of 420 ixxperience, i would like to point out a few urban myths about the origins of 420.

- 420 is the penal code section for marijuana use in California.
- It's the Los Angeles or New York police radio code for marijuana smoking in progress.
- It's the number of chemical compounds in marijuana.
- April 20 is the date that Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, or Janis Joplin died.
- The 20th of April is the best time to plant marijuana.
- Albert Hofmann took the first deliberate LSD trip at 4:20 on 19 April 1943.

none of these bitches is true.

now i have a little question for the readers of the blog out there. an urban myth i need sorted out. i have heard that on 4/20, you can somehow go to piedmont park with whatever weed you have and smoke it all in public in the middle of the park with hundreds of other hippies and the cops cannot do shit about it. i heard that as long as you twist it, not bring glass and shit like that, if you have nothing on you when you leave the park then you cannot be arrested at any point during the 4/20 'rally' or whatever it is in the park. can someone either send me a url or some proof that this is true? otherwise i will continue to head elsewhere for my heady parties.

next thing to sort out.... what to do this year on 4/20. its a wednesday, so trivia night is just going to have to be skipped this week. while perusing the superweb, i came across a brand spanking new festivus brought to you by the boogie down brewers from sweetwater. now that these guys are in the fucking money, they can start to promote cool shit like.....

Sweetwater's 420 Festival. April 20th. 3-10 pm. Oakhurst's Harmony Park. (in decatur) $5 a head, probably ensures all you can drink of the Blue, the 420, the IPA, etc etc. Bands include: Eden, Mile 8, and the headliners from the bay area Tea Leaf Green. Hippie chicks will surely be involved. Jewfro will be picked out and in full effiz. Here is the link and of course a map in case you, like me, never frequent this side of decatur.

In other news, the source of the lung butter has been traced to ridiculous amounts of pollen in the air. accordingly scratchy throat, watery eyes, and hocking up black gobs are just a natural stage in the allergy ridden A town. also, i havent smoked a full cig since last tuesday and it feels pretty sweet.

mcgookey brought his lady friend out to a public appearance party this weekend at kevin federline's spot. she was cool except for one thing.... her exceptionally mishaped knuckles. after giving her the 'respeck' and bumping knuckles, she broke skin on mine. this has caused extreme aggravation any time i get bored at the cube and start pounding out beats on my desk. it has also brought about a new vocab word, crunkles. its like the new cankles.

also, crispy bacon means crispy, mother fucker. half heap days are dwindling.

somehow the braves, mets, phillies, and marlins are all tied for 2nd and the washington nationals are in 1st place atop the NL East. its early yall.

last and certainly not least, if you havent already set your tivos, Ali Kliegmo (most famously noted for her Journey of Reconciliation to the Mississippi Delta in the summer of 2003) will be appearing this afternoon at 4:00 pm on MTV's Room Raiders. She is the raider and i cannot wait to hear what actually happened vs. what the editors can make it look like.


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