Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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A Little KY Solves Everything

I’m not gonna do, what you all think im gonna do, which is just totally flip out! Nevermind the fact that I built this blog from the ground up. All I wanna know is, who’s comin with me? Who's comin' with me to the best event that the state of Kentucky has to offer (besides rick pitino ball)?

Every year since I have been in atlanta, there has been a major decision to make. Music midtown.... or Kentucky derby. music midtown. kentucky derby. Now most music lovers would say dude, its no contest, you get 50 bands for 50 bucks! But that doesnt really make any sense, since you can only watch one show at a time and the artists have been hit or miss the past few years. Plus with no Z93 stage, thats one less set of shows i would want to see probably being replaced by some lame country shit that i would never waste my hearing capability on. Plus the price is on a steady increase to be over 100 bucks soon (its $75 now) and im sure the services and amenities are being cut back, not to mention the bands officially are not worth it this year. However..... the best news ever was brought to my attention re: this years music midtown. they decided to hold the show the first weekend in June, not May!

Now regardless of the fact that Counting Crows, Black Crowes, Mayer, Jack Johnson, G Love, Cowboy Mouth, Wyclef, STP, and countless other good artists will not be seen this year, there are some big names: Tom Petty, White Stripes, Kid Rock.... oops, thats about all i see on the list. now lets talk about what you get at the other thing....

The 131st running of the Kentucky Derby, May 7th, 2005. There are 22 horses in this years derby race, which takes place sometime around 7ish pm. But of course there are races all day beginning at 11 am. This is where the true test of endurance lies. Do you still have it in you to wake up at 8 am, cruise down to the track, find parking in some horrible south end yard, sneak alcohol in the Shoobie way (my secrets for 100% success will never be shared), pound booze for hours and hours on end in the (hopefully) blistering heat and sun, not lose your entire bankroll picking the trifecta box 1-7-4 winners, catch glimpses of titty titty titty titty titty titty titty (you get the idea right), possibly pass out of exhaustion, haul dank food, go out later that night with all the fucking crazy tourists in town for 2 days, and wake up the next morning to drive back down to A-town?

well if this sounds like something you could actually commit to and not pussy out for at the last minute, then i think i have a spot in mama shoobs house for you. for all the rest of you, here is what youre missing. in all honesty you should try and make it to kentucky for this one thing at some point soon in your life. bring beads.

this is what 90% of kentuckians look like up close

ridiculous looking hats are all part of the festivities

kentucky slogan: beautiful horses and fast women

mint juleps are a must-have on derby day

see, even this dumb bitch shows up for the best 2 minutes in sports

the only thing you might not see the whole day could be horsies


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