Monday, April 04, 2005

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Ode to the Fellinis Chick (on ponce)

So youre hungry, girl. you just got a little craving for some za or perhaps a lighter than mellow mushroom calzone. its sunny in a-town... hell, it was 75 degrees two days in a row(!) plus the clocks are all turned forward and the sun lasts an extra hour. in this situation, what do you do?

well i holler at fellinis on ponce. now lets cut to the point of this shit. i think the chick who works at fellinis on ponce with the fluorescent flavor of the month hair and tats all over is hot as hell. i loved the pink, mama... that shit was working real well. plus she has a cute voice and seems sweet but with all the other shit you know shes wild as fuck at clockout time.

so i rolled in there today and she had changed it to neon green, kinda like the highlighters digger phelps matches to his tie. ehhh, just not feelin it as much.

Inspired by Jem? who knows the real truth...

in other news i attended the corned beef festival i hyped up so much. i already knew it was going to be z dank, but thats just my incredible brainpower at work there. needless to say it was the sickest day ever outside here and we played pool, smoked, ate massive slabs of beef and jewish rye with hebrew national mustard and kosher pickle and heapa potato salad heapa slaw. it was the best sammie i have had in months.

my shins tickets arrived in the mail. whattup.

louisville ended its incredible run at the tourney. i am just glad i got to see them work tech. i called the 1 v 1 seed thing long long ago, and as a result i lost all bets since i bet against the lamest game ever, the two best teams playing each other. i guess some people get off on that, i like upsets. soo after a bowl game (football) and a final four appearance (basketball), plus the NFC South Championship (NFL), i guess theres only one thing to say.

Gooooo Braves!


At 4/07/2005 2:24 PM, Blogger jsk323 said...

Yeah and if said Felini's chick ever wants to identify the blogger known as Shoobie this description might be helpful:

Dreamy golden locks of Ix with the eyes of a young asian boy due to the pre-Feliini's session. When he gets up to the counter he forgets what to order, also due to said session, and stands there grinning like an idiot looking for any help he can get from his buddies (who just stand there letting him hang out to dry b/c it's funny as shit). Oh and lest we forget his brand spanking new uber trendy NB shoes!!! If all else fails just listen for the guy that's inside, talking is his "outside voice", making some assinign comment that only makes sense in Shoobie-land.

By the way I really despise the word "uber" but nothing really quite makes the same point sometimes...


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