Friday, September 10, 2004

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What Do People Google Anyway?

remember in elementary school where you had to make a crest of you and your interests?

the greek letters are the tricky part.... any guesses?

Anyway, its friday and i already bloggied once today. (see below) So i thought it would be kinda funny for you all to read some of the crazy internet searches that go down out there... i have a stat tracker on this site and as a result i can see how people came here. Big ups to my new zealanders, the buenos airenians, the australian dude, and my swiss alps representation. Check out the following funny search phrases that got people to vicklanta: (i am going to keep a running list on the side ===>)

1. critiques on krispy kreme's doughnuts marketing policy (yahoo)
2. can outties get their belly pierced? (yahoo)
3. ali g grab the jews by the horn throw down well (google)
4. "liquid explosion" AND borat (yahoo)
5. definition of dooshbag (google)
6. "starter jerseys (google)
7. outtie belly button surgery (yahoo)
8. atl strip clubs (yahoo)
9. dugan's chicken wings atlanta (google)
10. photo de grand vajin (google)
11. khazakstani (google)
12. my sister, she like number 2,3 in all the country of Khazikstan for prostitute. (yahoo)
13. borat savannah, ga (google)
14. borat hairy wife plow (google)
15. twains decatur gay (google)
16. "chapelle"s show" have you ever given yourself a stranger? (yahoo)
17. borat chram (

and the best one so far....
18. olympic cameltoe wedgie (google)


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