Wednesday, September 01, 2004

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Dude, I Blogspotted My Sheets Last Night

its true, i woke up this morning with 16 in the clip and one in the hole. nate dogg was about to make some bodies turn raw.

so i did my thang this morning. twas nice. hop into infinit, roll to twerk. on the way i see a funny bumper sticker... it really needs to be on my car, i think i might make one at kinko's soon.

It's Time to Trim the Bushes

So 99x, who has pretty much been the consistent leader in all things rock in this town has this badass new morning show, the 90s at 9. i think that superweb users out there can tune in online, just go to:

sorry that my bloggies keep getting more hodgepodge and less 'topic' but, whatever. i always have random shit to say. i'll save the sports shit til the end. so after hearing about politics and democrats and seeing barbara bush speak about the character of her ridiculous son, i have come to one conclusion: i could (still) not give a fuck about politics. i dont understand why we all get so worked up over politics when we really cannot do shit about what goes on there. i mean, yes we collectively elect someone to be prez but how the fuck do we know what he's going to do once elected. how do we even know that he is calling all the shots... what if colin powell has everyone by the balls. well that wouldnt be so bad. depends on the grip.

(see cleveland steamer discussion below for possible explanation)

another thing... i have a major problem with being pc. people who are pc all the time are fucking lame. grow some fucking nuts and say whatever you wanna say. but for as many crazy and ridiculous comments i make when in eyeshot of big boobs and earshot of my buddies, the one word i still cannot stand is fag. i just think its a fucking weak insult to throw at someone, not to mention its just not a cool word to blow up. fags are cigarettes in euro. tons of people out there are gay now...get used to it. what is the point of blowing up the 'f' bomb? it should just be filed under words we cant say.

Last night, DeAngelo Hall, our first draft pick for the falcons got injured, a fractured hip on a busted up cincy fly route. mother fucker! fuck pre-season injuries, now my draft order needs to be reworked.

The Yankees lost in yankee stadium to Cleveland 22-0. 22-0! that sounds like a fucked up football score. 22 runs on 22 hits. the replays were awesome on ESPN...the yankees were just drowning in misery. its the best way to break the camels back in baseball, just stuff the losing streak way up their fucking asses. joe torre said that there were some breakdowns, they need to take their lumps. ya i guess you could call it that... where i come from we call that a 'cleveland steamer'.

Also, the Braves closed out a spectacular August going 20W-8L. article: 'The Braves had double-digit hits for the 11th straight game, the longest streak in the majors since Seattle also did it in 11 straight in 2001.' Smoltz saved 11 games...he's so hot right now.


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