Thursday, September 02, 2004

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7 Burning Questions with Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson. actor, director, father, christian. over the course of his career he has varied widely on his choice of movie roles and characters... mad max, officer riggs, jerry the conspiracy nut. the list goes on and on. but who is mel gibson? what are his goals, his obsessions? why does he hate the jews so much? well, we're about to find out.... as mel takes the hot seat with vicklanta correspondent Dink E. McTubesteak.

7. Do you feel any shred of guilt about being a major A-list star in hollywood after you launched your career from a ridiculous movie from the 80s, Mad Max.
In all honesty, Mad Max was my best work yet... i mean who doesnt want to be a badass biker cop in the middle of a barren wasteland fighting motorcycle gangs? the script was amazing, the special effects and sound dubbing over australian accents was so accurate, not to mention how realistic the storyline was. if i could do it all over again, i wouldnt change a thing. we are actually in production now on Mad Max 4: Fury Road. Look for it to crack the bottom 50.

6. Lets talk a little bit about your movie character's common traits. Braveheart, The Patriot, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, We Were Soldiers.... blood hungry much?
I receive this criticism a lot from people in hollywood or my fans or the internet. I mean, what more can i say...i have a longing, a craving for gore in movies. the more fake blood and ridiculous ways to kill people the better. my favorite scene was the massacre i laid out on the british soldiers in the patriot. 1 man and 2 boys vs. 16 soldiers.... hell ya thats realistic.

5. Whats your favorite Lethal Weapon explosion scene?
Good question....there are so many. i would have to say the exploding toilet was classic film study material... thats gotta be my fave.

4. So you know we have to talk about the Passion for a little. How do you feel about the obvious marketing ploy to create a media-hyped controversial movie about Jesus Christ and selling it to the largest consumer group in the world?
I like money, and i dont mind selling my soul to retell the story as gory as i want to. Just like cartman creating a christian rock group and selling out, i figured the best way to cash in was through jesus as well.

3. 4.1 million DVDs in one week day(!), why is there such madness surrounding this movie??
Well, I honestly think it is just due to the latin craze. as you know, the movie is in complete latin... no english. i am just glad i could capitalize on the likes of enrique iglesias, santana, and that one guy who shaks his bon bon everywhere.

2. Do you want a beer?
No, I have been sober since the 90's.
Do you want some coke?
Shit man! i thought youd never ask... how in the hell do you think i stay so perky and anxious to cut someones throat or beat someones ass or shoot someone to death with a nail gun! AHHHH!

1. In 1985 you were named the very first People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. Who did you have to blow to get that nomination?
Ted Turner.


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