Friday, September 10, 2004

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The Ville

Well, sorry about not blogging yesterday. what can i say, i had one of those 24 hour mind fucking blanks and nothing was spewing forth.

So i went to louisville, ky last weekend to see my sister off to san fran. no job, no idea how to pay rent, just a dream of cali kush kush and grunge coffeehouse poetry jams. usually when i visit the place of my birth, here is what happens:
i roll into town around 8. usually i have called 2 or 3 friends to announce the arrival and to stir up plans. i call up akin and he says he's up for going out. we go to some lame place where there is no loud noise, smoke, heavy drinking, or any misbehaving whatsoever. he wants to just chill and 'talk'. dude the point of having friends in a town is to talk to other girls, not to play 'catch up' since the last visit. i go home and pass out and re-start the cycle.

However, this time was much more fun... quite possibly the most fun i have had in that town to date. I got to see the UofL cards smoke the UK cats 28-0 in an actual low-scoring, high defense game. last year i saw uofl vs. miami(oh) and the score was like 49-35. uofl had no D. the player of the week for C-USA was this #1 Kerry Rhodes, who had 6 tackles, 2 INTs, 1 TD. this guy must have swatted 4 passes out of the air as well. Look for his name draft day 2k5.

One of my buddies phelps had a 'bachelor party' of sorts. He is from this hicktown called mt. washington, ky... 20 outside louisville. he is jewish. his fam must be the only jews in the whole town. anyway, he went to europe and met a lady and got engaged. then his visa was going to be denied so he hitched to this girl and there you have it... bachelor party for whoever was in town. FINALLY! i get to actually drink and play AND had a sober driver in tha ville.

So we hit up 12 bars. do you know how hard it is to even find 12 bars in louisville? apparently while i was gone they decided to sup up this downtown area to draw crowds away from this other area called the highlands. (sounds like a familiar ATL story) it looked like a mini CityWalk straight outta disney world. neon lights. walking and drinking in the street. trashy blondes with their twangs and drawls. idiot ky boys stirring up testosterone fights. if there was a casino in there i would have been in heaven. you know a city is on the map when....?
A) there is a concept of morning traffic
B) Muhammad Ali was born there
C) A Hard Rock Cafe opens up shop
Thats right ladies and gentlemen, my town is so important that there is now a Hard Rock Louisville. I never thought i'd see the day....

anyway, i got to eat at some dank restaurants. got to booze and my sister hooked up that chronic that was more like seedy stemmy hold me over til i return weed. got to play with dogs. got to go to a casino and get cleaned out. got to smoke some of my buddies with my newfound pool skills. got to see mander after a 6 year hiatus....and her hot friend too. it was surprisingly the best weekend i had in tha ville. and now, pictures.


(chiu was taking pics of hot girls in a drunken stupor...i caught wind of it and decided that i was more important to the shot than some seedy black dude trying to hit that white piddussy)

(then we saw a girl from high school who was working the cigarette promotion/lighter giveaway for marlboro... god damn i love payday fridays)

(what website is not complete without pictures of bornstein's sister? get off my koolaid!)

(ahh yes, the obligatory freak dancing cowgirl who is married. at least she recognized where the best ass grinding crotch in town was)


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