Thursday, August 26, 2004

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August and Everything After

So i went to qt this morning to get some of those things that you need for the weekend drinking binge fest and a 49c drinky. Dont you hate it when you are in line at a place like qt and some jagoff is taking way too much time at the front counter. its like, buddy... qt is the fastest gas station in town... if you need to go grocery shopping at a place like this, take it down the street to Dimple and Ashok's mini mart mother fucker. the kid seemed cool, he apologized to us for taking so long. but then instead of cash he had a fucking check written to: cash. so then id was checked, yadda yadda, it was way lame. get a fucking debit card killer. to top it off, i get into my car, pull a reverse move real quick and he was like inching up ahead of me trying to get around me at the gas station. so i floor it and he floors it and he kinda swings wide and cuts back in. mother fucker! you cant cut people off if they beat you pulling out of a spot... but then i saw this weezer sticker and jersey plates so i figured he just didnt know any better.

So lets discuss olympics. and by lets i mean me, you can comment. i had to bail myself out of cube jail yesterday to watch the us womens soccer gold match. it was apparently a great first half, the us went up at 32 minutes or something. i caught the whole 2nd half and saw brazil tie it up 1-1. then there were 2 15-minute overtimes and the US had this sick corner kick header to win it 2-1. it wasnt as awesome as the brandi chastain titty incident, but it was cool to see mia hamm go out with the bling. i think mia hamm is a pretty hot milf. just dump your loser husband and we can talk. nomaaaaaaaaa. My morals tell me not to ditch work to watch our US dream team play their non-paycheck gaming hearts out... but i wanna see it pretty bad. then theres a gold soccer match on tonight at 3 am. womens basketball gold at 9 am tomorrow. mens gold at noon.

I found out one of those hot secrets from hollywood last night. its like one of those secrets thats so secret but so good, you dont know whether to tell the world aka the internet, or just to keep your fucking mouth shut and know deep down that when it comes out you knew all along. a movie is being made that anyone who reads this bloggy is going to see... but its so early in the stages that its just an idea that has been signed... no script, no money yet, etc. its just one of those random things that like one person posts to the internet and EVERYONE catches on to the buzz. the only question i have is, what the fuck is the internet?

Today the Black Eyed Peas announced they would be partnering with EA to make 'The Urbz: Sims in the City' video game. a bunch of automatons living in a virtual ghetto trying to get street credit by hustling hoes, blinging up their crew, networking on the corners, etc. I wonder if you just throw 1000 sims on one block where they each have about 8x10 pixel-size rooms, no hot water, chicken and kool aid for dinner, and are surrounded by gunshots, crime, and poverty, do they band together to rebuild the neighborhood or do they just turn white and move out to the burbs like OJ simpson?

Braves Update: still expanding their lead. the braves havent dropped a series since June 22-24, when they dropped 1-2 against the marlins. unfortunately they lost one to St. Louis, 1st in NL Central, 1-2. Pujols and his crew are just really fucking good ballers.... and the only thing that matters is whether the Braves can pull off playoff wins...its been awhile for the braves, there's a chance but who knows. i was there for the 10-4 loss. it sucked. a foul ball hit a buddy of mine's fingertips but he had a brew in his hand and didnt know what to do... he is still pissed to this day. despite whatever happens, the braves are just a monster in the hitting department. 222 hits in 20 games? thats right boys and girls, thats 11 hits a night on average... pretty exciting stuff.

8/5/04at Houston116W
8/6/04at Arizona104W
8/7/04at Arizona106W
8/8/04at Arizona1511W
8/13/04St. Louis31L
8/14/04St. Louis159W
8/15/04St. Louis104L
8/16/04at San Diego75W
8/17/04at San Diego86L
8/18/04at San Diego156W
8/19/04at LA86W
8/20/04at LA102L
8/21/04at LA134L
8/22/04at LA1910W

Today is payday friday, and i already know i am going to do some serious damage to the credit card. All the old frat buddies are in town for alumni weekend and raphael 'superpromoter' ruland is stirring up plans for all night soirees of alcohol, mj, poker, dancing, fucking wreckless other things. are you still allowed to go on 2-day bingers if you graduated from college? i guess thats the point of having alumni weekend in the first place...

Hey yo emory, toco hills strip mall called and they want their patrons back. i feel like when i go out now in my neighborhood, its being invaded by little campers who snuck out from their cabins at sleepaway camp.

Have a great weekend. Louisville Labor Day appearance is officially scheduled: 9/3/04-9/7/04. i just hope cooksey has a few skirts lined up... otherwise ive gotta go to the vu for my poonan. je qui.


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