Friday, September 03, 2004

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Deadly Hurricanes and some Deep Nipping Inquiries

First, katz and i made a bet 2 weeks ago that a hurricane could never hit atl. apparently i lost the bet... in 1992 a hurricane hit here. isnt a hurricane by definition on water? and isnt a tropical storm when it passes through land? apparently i was all wrong. last night after seeing the weather report i ask if we can do double or nothing this hurricane doesnt hit atl. apparently that was a dickhead bet.... hundreds will probably die in the hurricane. he was like dude, youre fucking sick. i go, dude if it hits atl you get 20 bucks!

So lets talk about nipping. secretly, guys cannot avert their eyes when a cute-->hot girl is nipping for no reason. girls, are you just thinking about something and thats why it happens? is it sexually provocative thoughts strolling through your minds? what controls nipping more, victorias secret or generic targè? what do you notice first, the feeling of nippage or the blatant stares from horny men? what methods are used to reduce the nips back to normal?

to guys, the best kind of nipping is when you get to see the full diameter of the nip. its like for that brief 4-5 seconds you can fully imagine the girl right there next to you nipping her thangs off, silk sheets, candles, uhhh shit... (i need to stop blogging from bed)

so i will stop the rant there. i need to get my head straight before i drive for 5.4-5.8 hours to the ville. vicklanta is dryer than katzs mother after a good shag a desert. i.e. no nugs. i.e. boring road trip i.e. no cops to worry about.

see ya tuesday.ish.


At 9/06/2004 9:27 AM, Blogger megan pistachio said...

here is my comment, as promised:

for me it's mostly temperature-related. but then i've noticed it during periods of activity (like jogging), when i am definitely not cold. sometimes one nipple is hard, but not the other. i don't like it when that happens. i'm a big fan of consistency. one time i tried to make them do it by thinking really cold thoughts. it totally didn't work, though. i don't feel it when it happens unless i am really fcuking cold. i guess sometimes it is obvious they are being looked at by dudes. that is par for the course.

i hope that was sufficient.


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