Monday, September 13, 2004

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Study Drugs

I guess for some reason, when i was growing up, no one informed me of the concept of study drugs. hell, i didnt even really know what pot was until i was 16. apparently this shit has been going on for years, usually its a gripey parent who identifies their kid as having some learning disorder and they get put on study drugs for add. then they go to high school and sell their study drugs to other kids who dont have learning disorders at all so that they can excel at the most asinine part of life: cramming for tests.

i only wish i had known about these things earlier... i would have definitely attempted to fake being add if i knew all the fringe benefits of adderall and shit like that. as it stands, i had to earn my bones on this enormous IQ brain sans study drugs. no one at emory talks about the drug issues going on there, its just like one of those things that everyone is aware of that no one is concerned about. i would say half the campus abuses adderall or some form of study drug. does that mean that my GPA is insignificant, i was up against unfair advantages? i would also say half the campus participates in weed, coke, or a combo of those. i hadn't even seen a person do a line until senior year at emory... how fucking sheltered am i?!?

apparently more and more kids are turning away from hard drug use, and turning towards the abuse of study drugs. obviously you cant trust a government survey, but in todays cnn... the 12 and 13 year olds who smoke bud and smoked within a month of the survey decreased by 30%. x dropped 41% and lsd dropped 54%. 54 million americans aged 12 and over binge drink.

i dont know where i am going with this, i am just wondering if adderall is like 'soma' from brave new world. like soon, millions more kids will be on it... millions will be addicted....millions will rely on it for their daily consumption. brains will become co-dependent on it. the government will supply it to the needy... original thoughts go right out the door... everyone acts braindead all day long.

so is it morally wrong to abuse a prescription drug to get ahead in law/med/whatever school? who is at more of the disadvantage, the person who needs the drugs to stay on the same level, or the person who abuses them to get ahead of everyone? is abusing adderall grounds for expulsion? yadda yadda, deep moral dilemnas by shoobie.

i feel like if i went back to school, i would probably get some study drugs before tests. i mean, if everyone does it, and everyone says it works amazingly well, and that you concentrate for hours and memorize tons of shit you need to know, then why the fuck shouldnt i? the only other time i can (and do) foresee myself taking adderall is for a long casino poker night. apparently it would allow me to memorize tells, cards, how people bet, what people bet, what that one guy in the hat folded an Ace for before, etc. all i know is, study drugs are a huge black market biz and my buddy bellend is cashing in like crazy on these self conscious, overly reliant, jappy girls who feel like the only way to compete is with the drugas.
this is your brain.

this is your brain on drugs.

this is your brain after waaaaay too much fucking lsd.

any questions?


At 9/23/2004 2:48 PM, Blogger SK said...

You should check out "Provigil" - it's the newest drug that's getting a lot of attention. Designed for narcoleptics, it keeps you more alert without a jumpy/wired feeling.

I went to Emory too but I'm guessing about 10 years before you did.


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