Tuesday, September 21, 2004

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My Own Theater

Soooo today was slightly slow. I can admit it. I got there at 10, i peaced at 2. caught some chilis. best restaraunt on earth. i honestly think a girl who likes it all but no chilis is no no for me. anyway, caught a few bingers. then caught a flick. napoleon dynamite. its that movie i have wanted to see for 4 months but no one ever thinks to do. it was funny as shit. funny. ass. shit. go see it. dont wait for dvd on this one. 4 stars.

So it was a 2:45 showing. no one in the theater. blazed as fuck. imagine. pause. dont be in a rush to read this. i was bombed. so we miss some previews but we get to the commercial where the indians are looking out over the hill and theyre like shhhhhhhhh.

kiss my ass! we can be loud as fuck.
no talking during the movie? fuck you! its our theater.

i had never experienced a solo theater before, and it was great. laugh as loud as you want. side commentary ala MST3K. we just needed a 3rd. preferably blonde. and hot. and would give my boy sloppy 2nds.

anyway, i felt like the dudes in entourage or sopranos who have their own theater in their house. but this was naughtier, it was the actual theater. yatches should have been there.

anyway, i won fantasy round 2 last night. TO caught a sicky TD. jevon kearse = no points but he caused Philly D/ST 5 sacks and an INT. yay. now i just wait around for wednesday poker. friday highlands. saturday college pigskin. then its back to the nfl. peace niggars. with an a.


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