Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Corporate Atlanta and some other random shiat

Ted Turner used to own this town. He inherited it from his father, but by the late 80s ted had built one of the largest media conglomerate companies in existence. And then, he sold his soul to AOL Time Warner and hasnt been the same ever since. he was a vp on the board, and decided to quit that job after dropping stock, retirements of ceos, etc. fyi, look how much shit AOLTW owns!

I hate that one company has so much control over the media. Does it make any sense for Time magazine to name ted turner man of the year? its like, they are just promoting themselves through their own channels. meanwhile when you visit the webpage, they have aol ads running up and down the page. movies released by new line get commercial time on turner networks. the whole thing is just a swirling mess of advertising and big business at its worst. it makes me shudder...

now ted turner is an old man with bipolar disorder. he hates his life one day and loves it the next. that must suck. he has dropped from top 10 richest people to being tied for 82nd place or something. so instead of having 40 billion, he now has about 5 billion. damn, thats a big salary cut.

i know half my friends in this town work for some sort of ted turner enterprise, hell i talk about the braves and the hawks like i am a little ted turner lackee. they even call the braves stadium the 'Ted'. i dont know what conclusions to draw from this, i am just feeling particularly down on corpatlanta when i decided to check out how much shit AOLTW really own in the world. it seems to be quite a heavy load.


speaking of heavy loads, the company that makes twinkies is filing for bankruptcy. damn, i thought twinkies were the one thing that would never be fucked with. is it truth or an urban myth that twinkies can last the longest of any preserved food? i think i saw a family guy about that once... dont worry cum guzzlers, twinkies will still be manufactured.

did britney spears really get married this weekend? who knows.... all i know is her reenus tastes like strawberry shortcake ala mode and her new perfume commercial makes me want to run upstairs and hump a hand towel for 5 minutes. (video)

kim catrall got snubbed at the emmys by her galpals. kimmy refused to do the SATC movie and as a result, most of those other bitches are out of work for now. ya see girls, even though the fab 4 were entertaining and a way of life for youse new jersey/nyc/tri state area people, the truth of the matter is that no 4 girls can be that tight without some bitchy shit breaking them apart. its like van halen, but with prada bags and louis vuitton.

Cat Stevens, what in gods name happened to you? and not the god of the guys responsible for terrorism, i mean your old god.... yaweh. when did you decide to go from being a jewish guy who sang jewish camp songs to an islamic fundamentalist who donates charity to arab networks.


At 9/23/2004 10:58 AM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

dude, i almost clicked that link for the "video" up there, because for some reason, i thought maybe you'd taken the time to make a video of you running upstairs and humping a hand towel for five minutes. then i realized, "no, that's probably not what it is."

fucking britney--what a piece of ever-loving trash.

why would i click a link thinking it was going to be video of you humping a hand towel? will i ever fucking grow up...


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