Friday, August 13, 2004

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Well its mid-August in atl, and that means one universal truth. This city is dotted with thick, nasty, humidity-catching, hurts-to-breathe-especially-after-joint-and-or-bowl-smoking smog.

12 lane highways cut through the city and out to the burbs. 75, 85, 400, 20, 285. always traffic. always hummers and lincoln continentals rolling through with their 22s and spinnas, stopping into QT for their $40 fillup + 49ยข soda to go choke some more life out of normal people's lungs.

i mean, on a scale of 0 to 100 of air quality, saying 100 is the unhealthy nastiness you arent supposed to breathe and 0 is a forest in the middle of the colorado rockies, apparently our city is at a nice little 50. 50 cant be good. somewhere in the middle of deadly and healthy? god damn!

yaya, its our own fault for driving cars and mowing the lawn and needing energy to run our shit. but, in a city where traffic is the #1 complaint followed by #2 smog, it seems like the best solution would be a long-term plan to vastly improve the public transportation system hea.

So marta runs in two directions: north-south, east-west. the city is unfortunately laid out in what seems like a huge mushroom cloud of population growth... in other words, people live in tons of places 360 degrees around atlanta. the only way for anyone in the city to get anywhere is a car. i have taken marta for three reasons: airport, concerts, sports games. i have never been on a marta bus since i have had a car, and there is no way i would inconvenience myself by doing that. has some very interesting strategies, all of which completely dont work to solve the problem. check this out... linky. there are 449 companies on this list of partners in the clean air campaign providing alternate methods of transportation into town. so you can get paid to carpool to work and back home each day...somewhere around 100-200 a month. i literally live 3 miles from work so its no biggie, but think of how realistic this shit is (not). you have to inconvenience yourself to pick up a complete stranger who you then have to sit through smoggy traffic with just to get a little cheddar to pay for the gas in the first place? no dice, no one in this city knows what carpooling even is.

anyway, maybe one day there will be bullet trains all over town... this place would be a great city to run an expirement of those bad boys. until then, i will just remain an agressive, swerving, lane changing, traffic avoiding bastard. after all, who wants to sit in this shit?

What's hot, What's not.
- Braves hot / Falcons not
- Skirts hot / Skirts with jeans underneath not
- Boston the band playing chastain hot / Live playing for a $5 show not
- Vision hot / MJQ not
- Chipotle hot / Willys not
- joints hot / bongs not
- pink pony hot / cheetah not

thats all i got. payday friday. staines massive. booya, out.


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