Thursday, August 05, 2004

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sorry ladies, its sports time

As a new resident of the great state of georgia, i feel like it is my obligation to keep up with ATL sports. As blogula readers, you can take it or leave it. But! Atlanta sports are all on the up and up, even in the offseason.

Atlanta Braves
At the beginning of the season, the braves were abysmal. they were dropping games, dropping series... it was not looking good. They have made a few clutch trades and some of the new recruits are really starting to get good 'bats.' Andru Jones is knockin HRs. Giles and newcomer JD Drew are on fire as well. In the past 19 games (since the braves were tied with the phillies in the NL East) they have gotten 173 hits (avg: 9 hits per game) and 88 runs scored (avg: 4.5 per game). they have gone 14 and 5 since their tie, and now lead the NL East by 4.5 games thanks to philly choking as always post-all star game

8/4/04at Houston125W
8/3/04at Houston42L
7/29/04at Pittsburgh103W
7/28/04at Pittsburgh51W
7/27/04at Pittsburgh124L
7/26/04at Pittsburgh84W
7/25/04at Mets74W
7/24/04at Mets115W
TOTAL1738814W - 5L

tonight we'll see if the braves can win their current series with Houston, then its 3 more away games in arizona. they are in last place in the NL West but earlier this year Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game at ATL, so who knows how we're gonna roll there.

Atlanta Hawks

I pretty much cannot stand this team. I mean they are awful. Any team whose owner purchased through a package deal with two other teams and an arena cannot be good. Some of the few but strong players, namely Jason Terry, were the only thing holding this embarassing flop of a team together. But today, the Hawks decided to trade away Jason Terry, Alan Henderson, and a 1st round draft pick for Tony Delk and Antoine Walker.

Now some of you may not be tracking your kentucky basketball players in the NBA as closely as you should... but remember back in '95-'96 when the wildcats beat the orangemen? tony delk and antoine walker were on the NCAA championship team, coached by none other than the great now-UofL coach Rick Pitino. We are looking more and more like a semi-decent team thanks to all these offseason trades. 4 rookies is still a pretty high count, but they are trying to carve out a new niche in an otherwise misery basketball program.

So now we have: Josh Childress, rookie from stanford. All Harrington from the Pacers. Delk and Walker from the Mavericks. Chris Crawford at center. hey, it looks better than the roster at the end of last season. crawford is the only true remaining atlanta hawk.

Atlanta Falcons

Of course, the only team that shows true promise with a pretty much guaranteed result (excluding ridiculous preseason injury) is our NFL football team. I dont know if you all have been following all the trades and drafts, but the falcons really bulked up on defense, something that was severely lacking last year. This week we finally signed our last draft pick, DeAngelo Hall... he will probably replace cornerback Ray Buchanan, who had a low stat year last year. Dez White is a new and previously underused receiver from chicago, hopefully he will be making some hot plays. of course with vick scrambling and looking for peerless, he should be a top pick for fantasy teams everywhere. Warrick Dunn is healed and he and TJ Duckett should be trading off for some nice little run plays... probably not a good pick for fantasy unless one takes over the role full time. Jason Webster comes from San Fran after being injured last season... new coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, same sleezeball owner :) but yo, it should be a good year. i am amped for football to start.


At 8/05/2004 10:34 PM, Blogger shoobie said...

surprised none of the fact checkers caught it, but randy johnson got traded away from arizona, so no no hitters there


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