Thursday, August 12, 2004

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And so tonight it begins...

Well, for the people taking crazy pills out there, the reason for vicklanta will come to fruition tonight on ESPN at 8:00 pm. Finally after waiting out the entire NBA and half the MLB seasons, football order is being restored to the country. Here in georgia, shit is heating up....

- more and more #7 starter jerseys are popping up at the bling bling malls.
- season tickets are completely sold out
- the game of 'throw the jew down the well' has been replaced by pickup games where everyone wants to be QB.

tonight's game doesnt mean that much for the ATL falcons. i mean, the amount of vick 'face time' is solely dependent on how many first downs he can eek out before they punt and he gets sidelined. matt schaub, rookie qb, should be pretty D though. i saw him in scrimmage, he's definitely better than washed up Ty Detmer.

about this time last year, michael vick was on his way to competing for the top spot of QBs in the league. since playoff games dont count for anything, and the sole purpose is to test out your new talent while getting your old talent back in the zone, vick decided to scramble out of the pocket and got sacked and fucked up his leg. ATLs hopes were shattered before they could even begin. the team fell apart from there, winning 3 games all season without him. When Vick returned to play, at the end of the season, with no real field experience for almost a year, a shaky leg, and a lost season, the falcons went 3-1 (when vick started).

so, what is to come of this season? who knows... the best part about ESPN not having any real game stats to compare vick to last year, he's the biggest wildcard in fantasy drafts this year (i think). he could shine or he could fail miserably. either way, the new coach and new manager and new offensive coordinator are hammering these guys with west coast offense routes. we picked up dez white from chicago. we have peerless on fly routes. a little warrick dunn slot route. he has a lot of tools to win games with... plus the stacking of D in the offseason, hopefully ATL will be able to compete in their heavy division. carolina and tampa bay have both been to the super bowl the last 2 years. new orleans has some ballers in joe horn and duece mcallister; plus aaron brooks has been getting better and better each year.

anyway, tune in tonight. i know i will. now on to more pressing shit...

is this girl on the olympic softball team not the fucking hottest blonde athlete ever? anna kournikova can suck my chocolate salty balls compared to this little vixen.

mmm, its nice...i like to touch. do you want i should touch? thats all i got. if anyone needs the hook up i got that too.


At 8/12/2004 11:31 AM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

dude where are you. email me, tell me wot yer plans is.

At 8/12/2004 2:56 PM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

seriously dude, what the fuck? email a bitch at least. i just called you. you just looked at my blog. stop being dickety.

At 8/12/2004 4:41 PM, Blogger destructo said...

really...I mean we're best friends and we haven't even met. kill.

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