Tuesday, August 03, 2004

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Major case of swalls at work

So in a very similar fashion to Milton from office space, i also work in a cube in the basement of the cdc. No, i am not crowded by boxes and my trusty government stapler is still sitting here collecting dust since everything is done by .NET these days. The a/c has decidedly turned itself off and of course since the laws of the world dont apply to government buildings, cold air rises and hot air falls. i would say my case of swalls today at work is strong to quite strong. misery.

also today is a hodgepodge day. i mean i dont really have a specific topic like normal days. i will say that despite coren and chiu trying to send me material for this blogger, i saw the chapelle show thing already. i knew he would get a new contract, but it must be sweet to know you get a chunk of the DVD sale profits. chapelles show was the #1 tv dvd this year. he just inked a 2 year deal with comedy central... i hope charlie murphy and crew have some seriously funny shit lined up, i'm sure they will.

on another note, ala choogle, this article was pretty funny about michael vick. i guess thats cool... might get a little nasty after awhile. nothing his hummer with the tint and the 22s cant handle. So i guess afro is the new way to roll in vicklanta. (we also got josh childress from stanford) does this mean that i can finally rock out my jew-fro and be fashionable? questionable.

last thing: i would say i spend about a good 15 minutes doing actual real work. (office space again) so here is what the breakdown of the rest of my thought pattern and general habits in life consists of:

two more things. since no one ever ever makes plans early, ever for the weekend... it would be fun to all meet up and get fucking crazy live jumping around and being insane in the membrane this friday. $5. and these guys:


At 8/04/2004 8:33 AM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

i really like your third-grade lookin' signature on that uber-awesome diagram of your head.


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