Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Weekend Crumbs

Well since i am not going to be very useful for social and pop commentary due to the new gaming device, i figured i could at least pepper you with some funny shit to look at. these are in no particular order, they were generally taken between st. pattys day weekend and this past weekend.

nascar john was in ATL from the big city spreading his baby batter all over town for st pattys day. luckily, he brought snack foods along the way. the actual reason he had lucky charms was of course to pick up loose women who usually dont even get breakfast the next morning.

that curly headed kid sandwiched between 2 milfs at cjs landing might be me... or it might not. i was definitely the 3rd oldest person there behind these two. every other guy in the house was thinking it, shoobie is the one who stepped up and did it. dwellis can vouch that the blonde was hot... for a mom.

this male model is donning a J Crew jacket, red mesh shorts, house slippers, and a marlboro light. isnt he just really really really ridiculously good looking?

since i am already ripping on him, click on the picture to see the pot calling the kettle black, along with various other shit strewn about my room. for the record, we have a cleaning lady coming every 2 weeks. its the best possible solution for my chronic-ally messy room.

random shot of carnie game central a few weeks ago, sometime around 4 am.

obligatory overhead shot of Cosmo/Lava upstairs VIP party for 4 friends' birthdays. proof of absurdly high bar tab to follow...

jonny gives me the finger. mcgookey shares his 'smug' smell with dwellis, who loves sniffing butt crack. 'ten-thirty' riner gives us his best larry the cable guy look

pop quiz- these two are arguing about the following:

a. eagles vs cowboys outcome in week 5 of the NFL season
b. whether scotch is better to drink or bathe in
c. yuengling vs. sweet tea
d. who won the civil war
e. it doesnt matter since no one can understand

the only thing worth looking at the entire night.. if you think i am talking about alcohol, youre retarded

face has been rubbed out to protect the innocent.

owners name is being withheld, but he is 26 and quite the baller

note to security at work: find me the 7 on the speedometer and i will promise to never drive fast around the property again.

and since we are in a #7 kind of mood, what better way to wrap this all up than to show i smoked a stogie with michael vick. at least... bizarro mike vick. he's actually a janitor. doesnt it look like him?!


At 4/15/2006 5:38 PM, Anonymous Nascar John said...

Magically delicious


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