Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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4 Inches

No no no perv, we arent talking about the size of John Fox's pecker today. instead, lets discuss shoobie's trip to the great Northeast- more specifically Hartford, Connecticut. after spending several luxurious days in sunny Puerto Rico, my dumbass decided to cruise up north for a football game, some boozing, foxwoods casino, and whatever else came my way.

I flew a lame ass layover flight into Chi town (o'hare) and then on to BDL outside hartford. the plane leaving chi was so fucking late and delayed that i didnt get into town until early friday morning, 1 am. if i had been there on time, we would have been able to get crunk drunk... instead we just smoked and passed out.

for the record, it was frickin freezing in CT the entire time i was there. going outside to smoke was absolutely unenjoyable and the bars and restaurants there are 100% non smoking. good for good people, bad for bad boys. the best part about CT though was that the entire town of hartford seemed to be filled with slutty whores. now i might be slightly exaggerating, but all the guys talked like they were from Will Hunting's entourage and the #1 topic of discussion was who they banged, when they banged them, and which of the other guys in the car also banged the girl at one point. sisters were NOT off-limits in the convos, which kinda freaks me out a bit.

anyway, friday afternoon we drove into bumblefuck CT to hit up foxwoods casino. if youve ever been there, then you already know its allegedly the largest gaming floor in the US... and i would concur. it was like a mile long complex that looked like a carnie indian decorator and architect had schemed together to maximize white people profits while tucking it into a mountain that no one can find unless theyre looking for it. but they did have good poker.... i played in the $100 max buy in no-limit texas game. so that means when you double or triple up to $300, no new players can touch you and you can bully anybody. i made some tremendous folds, some incredible raises, and although i didnt pay for the flight to CT i paid for all the liquor we drank. or should i say, some yankees fan paid for all the liquor i drank. also, youll never believe who was at my poker table. for you ESPN fans out there, please tell me this is not Tony Kornheiser from PTI.

Tony is tight-agressive; just like your mother

Friday night i got so fucking drunk i had no clue what was going on. swilly hangs out with some cool dudes and cute girls, which is kinda a change from ATL life... i was so hungover the next morning i couldnt even keep breakfast down without throwing up in my mouth a little. a few puff puff passes and it was all good. saturday night, after a dank italian carryout spot, we went to see the Louisville Cards take on the UConn Huskies in an arousing match of college pigskin. despite Texas and USC throwing up basketball-esque scores saturday, our game was somewhat close. Our wonderboy QB is out for the season, so a redshirt freshman QB and my man Michael Bush #19 were the go-to guys on offense. Bush scored 3 TDs and i of course was so obnoxious every time it happened.... i had to be, there were like 20 louisville fans in the whole fucking stadium. i wore jeans, tearaway pants, tshirt, jersey, fleece, jacket, gloves, hat, double socks, and i was still so fucking cold! the parking lot is not a lot, its a frickin runway... so the mile walk was enjoyable to drink on, but bad for struggling through 20 degrees just to sit on bleachers and freeze asses off. but i did have a sweet time. and the prices are way lower than 8.50 beers and 6.50 nachos like at turner field. and of course, we won 30-20.

that night just had a few drinks, nothing out of hand, and went to bed thinking i might be mad delayed due to snow predictions for the night. turns out, they were only half right. my plane took off on time, but not before i got to play in.... 4 INCHES of snowfall. i havent even been able to make a snowball in 2 years in this frickin weirdo south town. i hope it snows like the dickens this winter with all the crazy weather. anyway, here is a picture of what happens to someone's ix when they get chilly.

are they called frostix or snowix? the world may never know

so that was my trip, didnt see the falcons bite major penis. did get to hear that since FSU beat VaTech in what can only be described as the craziest ACC year in awhile, somehow Louisville gets to play VaTech in a bowl game down in Jacksonville. Should i go to that or go home or go to NYC for NYE? i cannot fucking decide and input would be highly appreciated. glad to be back down in A-town as of now... can someone talk to god about this frickin weather? its fucking up my tan lines.


At 12/06/2005 2:34 PM, Blogger Paulie said...

I'm surprised you didn't get your ass thumped for taking a picture in a casino.


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