Friday, November 18, 2005

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The Great Amurrican Smokeout

when asked what he was going to do today, the great napoleon dynamite responded, whatever i wanna do gosh! mortals, understand that i am busy as a mother fucker at work. you should see the code going on over here....its insane. when i am not at work, i am imbibing and inhaling massive bubbler rips and abusing tivo and my ipod. i cannot just come up with crafty shit all day long at work, then write about it. i can also not remember all the crafty shit i think of when doing the latter activity. ergo, i got nothin. when a wicked smaat person such as myself cannot think of new and inspiring shit to talk about, what does he need most? vagina? well, yes. but the 2 arent intertwined. a permanent trip out west? well, yes... but i am a sucker for the guaranteed paycheck. a temporary trip to the 51st state in our union? well, yes...but its not tuesday yet.

thats right, shoobs is finally catching a long needed vacation to puerto rico. home of paul mcculloch-otero from mctyeire 3rd, rosie perez, benicio del toro, and jorge posada. its an all-inclusive open bar tab casino pool beach fly bitches resort. talk about my favorite things of all time. i am sure i will have mad shit to b-log about when i get back sunday the 27th.
the big news going around the .gov is the new federal smokeout! policy. the other day the unions gave in to hefty bargaining agreements, as well as a health conscious shift from Dr. G herself, putting a smoke-free policy in place here. as a result, everyone still fucking smokes outside. its very secretive now though, people arent sure where to go or what to do. most continue to hit up the giant smoking booth with 2 ashtrays, but you never know when the man might come and getcha. problem is that half 'the man' smokes cigs out there too.

does anyone else think its kind of weak that a business can force the employees to not smoke? all the politicos who are enraged by .gov guiding life choices speak up! because i dont have a political arguing bone in my body.... all i know is, its fucking lame to put signs and balloons like this up all over the place when i am walking into work:

The Great American Smokeout!

in other news, the one weekend my dad comes to town and i would have had nothing to do saturday morning, this event comes along. the sacrifices i make for people...

click picture if you want to win $10,000 AND dont suck at madden

anyway thats about it. if you want to read something kinda funny (not to toot my own horn), i am currently having a 'comment war' with some uppity mom who cares what i think about her leash kid. anyone who wants to have fun can comment, i dont think she knows what the hell my bloggoals are about.

this picture looks like crap, but it was dwellis's turn to yack last friday night... mine was the neighbors parking lot the weekend before. thrice. splattery too.

have a great thanksgiving! turkey for you, turkey for me.


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