Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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The Roast and Other Sweet Pics

After 2 weekends ago's debauchery, i have finally narrowed down the pictures that i feel can best be posted to the bloggy blog. plus, i have a bunch of random ones sitting in my memory stick that need to be released to the public. if all goes well, this might launch the start of an incredible flickr account... who knows. to the frat readers who might be rocked by my harsh words, relax... its all in good fun and bad taste. lets get retarded, ha! lets get retarded in here.

this one was taken at Fado. chick was standing right next to me and i had the camera ready for shit like this. these are the fuggliest pointy elf boots i have ever seen. what in the fuck possessed you to purchase these? and what brain synapse told you it was ok to wear them out in buckhead?

the MNF game was sick. marta was incredibly easy there and practically impossible on the way home. but, we did arrive in time to see the falcons throwing bows at the 50-yard line with the soon-to-be-defeated eagles.

this chick truly encapsulates all that is wrong with philly residents. still worshipping the bon jovi era, T.O. rocks the faded jean shorts in this one

does anyone else feel like couples who wear the SAME JERSEY should be shot? i mean come on, its a 53 man roster... you cant find one other guy you like besides mike vick?

this one didnt come out too well but i thought it was cute to see a family of 8 hartwells

ok so lets get into the thick of things here. a bunch of buddies came into town last weekend. as much as i would love to say we are all tight as hell, it is simply not the case. we are more like drinking buddies who occasionally get together to cause ruckus and fuck shit up. loose contact is kept and once in awhile a big drinking party meets in a-town where we all went to college.

here are some funny ones that i just have to comment on:

i didnt know t mac hung around Rays pizza... but after a tough night at club liquid i can understand his hunger

ok..its official. Purse Puppies are NOT CUTE. do you live in LA, NYC, or MIA? if yes, disregard. if no, you are no longer allowed to put your puppy in a little bag and have drunk guys fawn over it despite the fact that it looks like a rat with gremlin ears. heres an idea, get a leash. ooh ooh, here's a better one- dont take your fucking dog with you to a bar!

my friends apparently do a lot of faces in their pictures. here are some of the classics, although i will say toma looks like a fucking goon in EVERY SINGLE picture. ive got to respect the guy for being consistent.

this is the desi version of zoolander blue steel

this is joey's tequila face

this is country's 'thirsty mike' face

this is the 'who cares if she just lactated on my shirt, look at them titties' face

this is the face of a man who knew his eagles would blow a big one in the dome 2 weeks from now

this is the 'i have no idea whats goin on right now' face; only stoners can wear it.

take a look at these two clowns. you have seen one of them before when we discussed the collar popping concept. now meet the younger version of kb, mr. house. dont adjust your monitors, he officially has the biggest receding hairline of any 22 year old guy i know. i'll give you 3 guesses on where he is from... if i tell you its not nyc, i bet you could get it in one.

these are just some more goody photos:

last but not least, totally mysogynist behavior turns out to be the most fun to have around 20 guys and 3 girls. i had to at least get one eat-out pose, somehow i snuck my way into this one:

mmmm, sarah d has the best d's i have seen. and by seen, i mean she puts them out there for all to peruse. only house gets to licky licky though.

i just met this girl that weekend, but she is cool as shit. i needed to throw this one on here because i would love to see this prehensile tongue in action.... on an ice cream cone! on an ice cream cone, people!

and last but not least, our buddy raph is from SanFran but his parents are the nicest germans i have ever met. when we were in cali, they let 8 of us crash in their house, which was so generous, especially if you knew the 8. however, its probably not a good idea to be throwing out the hail hitler sign in buckhead with all these people around... keep the urge to yourself until you get home.

here, sensei teaches us the best way to act like a german in public

thats it for today, not much of a roast... kind of a lackluster performance. tron, are you fucking satisfied now?


At 9/14/2005 10:03 PM, Blogger erik love said...

Dude, who the hell are these people? The couple with the Vick jerseys shouldn't get shot.....They should get mauled by a pack of pitbulls and theen shot. How did that big dude get that chick anyway?

A couple of must knows.....

Who's the big breasted chick in the picture? Is she single? She was not great lookin, but i would hit that.

Did you have to curse out an Eagles fan at the game?

At 9/15/2005 4:21 PM, Blogger Wintermute said...

i knew sensei was a closet nazi

At 9/16/2005 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was there a reunion last weekend?
I miss you guys.
(That's 1, shoobs)

At 9/25/2005 10:19 AM, Blogger SK said...

Are we having an 80's flashback with the turned-up collar? Do I hear Wham's "Jitterbug" in the background?

And yes, I concur, those are ugly-ass boots. I can only imagine what her toes look like in there.


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