Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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Pacific Coast Highway

After 5 days of living it up in the hollywood scene, it was time for our 7-deep crew to continue on the west coast journey. While in LA, we played about 12 hours worth of poker to keep our appetites wet. Me, A.Wild, budnick, and a buddy went to commerce casino to play a little no-limit texas hold 'em. $100 buy in. The first day i broke even and jonny was up about 4 large. The 2nd day we played with each other and i somehow won $450 from my own friends. Now i didnt want to take the money, but hey it was there for the killing and 10-20 cornfeld was calling my name. the 3rd day we went back to commerce and i was geeking pots like it was my job. At first i thought i would be scared of all the asians, but texas is so popular that massive amounts of white people were playing too. This dude who was probably about 350 lbs rolled up a chair next to me and before his checks could even get to the table, i had him all-in on his first hand. I had AA, the best fucking way to see two cards...A of spades, A of hearts. He had Q8 suited. blank board, easiest $100 i have ever made. he went all-in on 4 consecutive hands, so our table was nice and juiced up. i cashed out up $150 making my trip total: up $600 in poker. do you know how many filet mignons, clam chowders, shrimp salad sandwiches, etc you can buy with $600 extra bucks in your roll? believe me, i would need it for the baller segment of the trip.

So we get JD and the suv from the airport and roll out onto the 101. we only had a quarter between 6 potheads so we had to make it last until san fran, when our buddy pval from chico was coming in with a box of wine and a fresh bag of california headies. for those of you unfamiliar with chico, check this link and scroll down to #2. our first destination was San Louis Obispo. as soon as we left LA, the weather turned to shit. we got some good coastal driving but for the most part it sucked ass and as a result, there was not much to do in the quiet little town of obispo. one of the groups checked into a room at the Madonna Inn. the rooms are all themed and we drew the olde english room. basically all you are supposed to do in there is have wenches bring you mead in the form of OE800. not really, but it would have been nice. we spent our hard earned poker cash on one of the nastiest dinners i have ever eaten. the only bonus was the waitress was a semi-stunner. do not eat at the steak house at the madonna inn. ever. never ever. after dinner we twisted one and went into town to find the 2 pubs crawling with lots of boys, mostly hicks from california. 10 minutes later back in the room with 7 guys. awesome stop.

Next day we wake up early to see Hearst Castle. very cool spot, very scenic. i have pictures for later. from the castle you can see a huge expanse of his land and all the acres of greens leading up to the pacific ocean. truly an awesome and undescribable by words site. now you may be asking, why would anyone need a castle in America in the 1800s? well because black people can be treated like serfs too.

back onto the pacific coaster, we saw some huge fucking seals just lying around on top of each other, basking in the sun. waterfalls. cliffs. mountains. just an awesome view at any point. 50 miles into the 1, we reach a dead end. the road is closed off due to rock slides. backtrack 50 miles, onto 101 again. stop in monterrey for some grub and to walk around. mcgookey just wanted to check out the scene so instead of heading straight to san fran we stopped for dinner.

we arrive at san mateo, casa de ruland later that night. poker and beers are had by all. wish we didnt have the 7 layer nacho dip... sleeping in a curling station with amardeep and a heavy load of beans is just not ideal. had to wake up at 7am pac time to order FALCONS PLAYOFF TICKETS. the next day we rolled to Half Moon Bay and the potheads went straight to the shore, while car #1 went to the Ritz and had some scotch and fucking fish eggs trying to be ballers. if i had to do it again i would have done the exact same thing, but stayed longer. sitting on the rocks of a bay, watching the pac ocean crash right in front of us, blazed as hell.... is there anything better in life?

and from this point we rolled into san fran, into union square, westin, 29th floor starwood preferred rooms. our chico buddy did in fact get there, along with citron from az. so now our crew was 9 deep at any time.... sorry i dont have pictures, but these boys are lazy with their digi's. to be continued and finalized tomorrow....


At 1/05/2005 8:11 PM, Blogger achoo said...

cool recaps from the best coast shooby. where is everybody? shoobs is back from hiatus!


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