Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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Bloggy Over and Out

Faithful minions, this is your captain speaking. I guess i haven't been as consistent as when i first started this ranting and raving bloggy. But, that is because i am tapped out from work and not ever leaving the city unless i am going to the ville or some other weak attempt at vacation. It is for this reason that i will be taking a little break from the blog until after the new year.

I am headed to the best coast, chasing my dreams of fame and fortune, over the next week and a half. Last time i was in cali, i was a little teenager with no idea of what boozing and kush even meant. Now i will get to re-experience these fruits of the land in LA and San Fran (also some stopping along the coastal highway at St Luis Obispo and Monterrey)

I have been told by most of my traveling buds that i am not allowed to blog about shit that goes down on the trip. No guarantees there.... but what i can say is that whatever happens in cali stays in cali.... unless there is video/photo footage of it, in which case i will blast that all over the supernet.

Thank you for reading, i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/Kwanza/Matzoh Ball/New Years festivus. See you in 2K5.

Here are some links for the Best of 2004 (as i deem funny):


At 12/22/2004 10:28 AM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

awww, dude, i totally didn't realize you were leaving, like, now!

anyway, have fun. be safe. watch out for the yeti.


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