Monday, November 29, 2004

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Public Service Announcement

This is a Pubic Service Announcement

America, are YOU sick of SHITTY POOPSTICK movies?
then STOP paying $6-$12 to go see the worst fucking movie in the country.

I unknowingly went to see this DISNEY PG-rated flick and found myself sobbing tears of disdain and cutting my wrists with the sharp end of the goobers box by night's end. the previews make this movie look like a david baldacci novel. action packed, special effiz, good plot. it even had the flying doves signifying the bruckheimer involvement. i think there is more eventful entertainment the 5th time around on the 'its a small world' ride. this movie is so bad its not even worth netflixing.
In other news, meow, i will be blogging again this week. i was shooting blanks for awhile and needed the thanksgiving off. thanks to all my inspiring niggas out there. i couldnt have done it without you. and of course much love to jeebus christ.

When I think of jesus, i think of pooping. spray poop. with green and brown mixed in.


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