Wednesday, October 27, 2004

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Yadda and some more Yadda

This picture is for Amanda, who loves-- LOVES blumpkins.

anyhoo, snap back to reality. So i didnt want to say i told you so... but, i told you so.

Last thing: Halloween costumes. Over the course of my life i have always incorporated my ridiculous jewfro into my costume. Kramer, Broccoli, Jay. This year i had a lot of options.... i was thinking about going as Ben Wallace from the pistons, but i really dont feel like buying a fucking detroit jersey.

Then I figured I could go as Don King... my michi buddy told me to put baby powder in my hair, that would do the trick. Plus ladies love babies, so i think its a shoe-in there... just get a tux, some bling, and speak in complete gibberish (which was the plan 18 drinks in anyway)

But, I have finally decided on a costume that would be HILARIOUS. as long as i get real real real fucked up so that i can act insane, ridiculous, off the wall excited about the dumbest things.... then i can probably pull it off. does anyone know where i can get some fake chest hair? ladies, what are my percentages on getting head,sex,and anal if i wear this shit? thank you and that is all.


At 10/27/2004 1:04 PM, Blogger megan pistachio said...

even better than richard simmons, you should be Slim Goodbody! You'd get to rock the fro plus wear all your bones and internal organs on the outside!


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