Friday, October 01, 2004

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Kerry Sucks... but Bush Swallows

Ah yes, the mature title to handle what is built up to be our nation's greatest hour. the politico debates. by me talking about this today, does that make me fall into jon stewart's trap of just letting the bloggers do all the work? not really, i dont ever ever pay attention to politics. i could give two shits about last night's debate. no matter what the candidates say, i know that they will do whatever they want once they are in office.

everyone who was asked who won the debate obviously paid attention to the other party candidate's mistakes. like when they asked republican mayor rudolph guliani, he of course declared the debate a big success for bush and further indication that kerry is flippy floppy. democratic former candidate wesley clark obviously throwing his support towards kerry, displaying a unified democratic front for the cameras.

today bush supporters say that bush represented his plan very straight forwardly and was honest and upfront with the people about his ideas for the next 4 years. kerry had times when he would make very succinct and precise points, and others when he trailed off and lost the audience before being 'red lighted' to shut the fuck up.

here is where i stand on this issue. i am a jewish boy right in the middle, leaning more to the left. i have never actually showed up to vote in an election in 6 years. not once. i dont know what we should do about iraq. i dont know how you solve the nucular crisis in north korea. i dont know the first thing about terrorist cells in america or the world. i dont even know if we are just being scared by the media or if the threats legitimately exist in this country.

but i do know this. every time george bush opens his mouth lies spew forth worse than a bad night of binge drinking and a serving of spicy chili. he is resolved in his intentions to lie his lies away. at least kerry is starting with a clean slate of lies to build for the next 4 years. and that my friends is why i have to vote for kerry. nothing will sway me and i probably will not show up to vote anyway.


At 10/01/2004 11:24 AM, Blogger achoo said...

I voted in 2000 and have my absentee for this year ready to send...but why? Me and shoobie's votes pretty much don't count in KY and GA because they are solidly red and nothing is changing that.

Is Voting Worth the Trouble?

At 10/01/2004 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Especially if you keep that attitude, Choobles.
By the way, nice to meet you.

At 10/01/2004 4:46 PM, Blogger shoobie said...

asher, que es esto? i already know you nucka.


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