Tuesday, September 28, 2004

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Never Have I Ever

I would like to just say that from now on, sports will not be talked about in the vicklanta blog unless they pertain specifically to atlien sports. all sports talk will now be available in a BRAND NEW BLOG: Choobie and Shoobie's SportsTalk. Chiu is in on the bloggamania and hopefully we will reveal our secret email (up to 10 times a day) re: all the shit going on in the sports world.

That said, QT just decided to bring back the most addictive and only type of coffee i will ever drink.... iced vanilla coffee. i have never had a latte, a chai tea mocha frappaspresso, etc etc. the only coffee i drink is QT vanilla coffee and its back.... and better than crack!

last night i played the drinking game circle of death. a few comments.... the game is a 52 card game where the cards are just dumped in the middle of the table. each one represents a certain thing.... like 4's are socials, A's are waterfalls, 8's are never have i ever, etc etc. in the first ten minutes of the game i must have drank four beers. circle of death is a giant mess of ridiculousness, especially when someone in the game is hi on cokey and going insanely crazy as always. whenever you play a game with friends that involves a concept such as never have i ever, you are just asking to get fucked with. and that brings me to:

The Top 10 Things I Would Call Out My Friends For In Never Have I Ever

never have i ever....
10. Met two army boys at a random club in a sketchy situation, invited them back to my place, and fucked one of them on the floor of my apartment since other guests occupied my bed.
9. Gone on a cruise with full expectations of getting ass, realizing that 17 years old + parents is waaaaay too young for my age range, and doing it anyway because i was that desperate.
8. brought a girl home so drunk from a bar that when we were fucking while my roommate was upstairs sleeping before a midterm, i accidentally slipped it in the wrong hole and it slid right in.
7. brought a girl into the makeshift 'bone room' in a frat house, disappeared for 10-15 minutes, and when we came out no one knew what had happened and the girls forehead was split open.
6. kept a deep dark secret from my friends so well that they had no idea i was fucking a gay senator behind their backs during a DC internship.
5. dumped emory girls back to back to back because all i wanted to do was have blockbuster nights and fuck them instead of trying to form somewhat of a cohesive comfortable sexual situation. and i got rice krispie treats out of one of them!
4. gotten my chest and back hair laser removed, requiring three treatments at $1000 a pop.
3. roundhouse kicked someone in the face, dropping them straight on their ass for trying to get on my nerves and push me around.
2. shit on a floor
1. become a boyfriend to my roommate's ex-girlfriend despite the fact that there are about 1 million other girls in a 20 mile radius, she will be 500 miles away, and i drop girls hearts right in the dumpster at the drop of a dime with absolutely no regret or thought as to how she feels.

the answers for the skancers, a clue to #7


At 9/28/2004 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Senator?
Where's the upside-down answer key?

At 2/13/2008 10:18 PM, Anonymous Zach said...

check out NeverHaveIEver.com for fun questions and stats.... Word.


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