Monday, October 04, 2004

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Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Anonymous?

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. how was your twerkend? mine was fascinating. friday was a bust, saturday was football all day, sunday was nfl and poker, and now back at the grind. i did happen to do one of the coolest things i have done in this city this weekend, and i have my buddy amardeep to thank.

so its saturday, and i'm sure this happens in most college towns, but in atl/athens the city is oozing with fucking G hats, red G shirts, G this, G that; G...why dont you suck my balls Georgia. thats right, the 4-0 bulldawgs are wrecking the SEC and my redneck buddies (thats right juice, i said redneck) had a UGA party at their new place to celebrate. normally you couldnt catch me dead at a bulldogs party but the keg-HD-big screen combo was kind of a lock for watching football. (even if my bet didnt pan out)

but after heading out at the 3rd quarter, i was ready to go into curl mode. dj sensei extreme was planning a night out at one of the god awful clubs in this town and i felt like i was going to get dragged in if no other plans came to fruition. under normal circumstances, here is how a big group of us going out together typically happens. everyone just sits at their own place or kinda meets up at one or two places. lots of pre-gaming. then everyone calls everyone to figure out where to go. since everyone is passive agressive about this (even me), no locale gets decided until 11ish. then once the locale is decided, people have to figure out how to skance out of driving, drink a lot more, call whoever else they want to go, wait until those extra people arrive, then finally around 12:30ish the crew goes out. and then, wherever they went closes 2 hours later. this, my friends, is not the way to operate.

so i was pretty happy when my man deepa called and was like yo shuster you still wanna roll to that show? yup. whose going? just us. aiiight, ill pick you up in 10.

the show was located in east Atlanta, a place i dont really hang out in enough but probably should. i mean, the yuppies in highlands are starting to weigh on me and east atl provides a new variety of alternative chicas. the show was at the Echo Lounge and on the mic was the almighty lord of freestyle from blackalicious... The Gift of Gab.

Now some of yalls white people may not even recognize who the gift of gab is. To you its just another nigga with a mic. but this dude tore up the mostly white audience with his crazy ass beats, sick freestyle ability, and nasty speed whilst he spit the lyrics. they almost didnt come because presales tickets were a joke... but the echo lounge filled out with at least 200 people. if you dont know who this guy is or what his shit sounds like, i believe you can sample some at this here linky.

Now as badass as this show truly was, the surprising crowd pleaser was the DJ on beforehand. 25ish, asian dude with glasses, 4 turntables and a microphone. DJ Mike Relm. He mixed together some of the fucking craziest tunes i have ever heard. and he was sick at switching, scratching, spinning, whatever else those dudes are doing up there when they are wheeling their shit. go to his site, check him out... he puts scratching to the peanuts, hendrix, simon and garfunkel, etc.

this hip hop show was phat, and after getting suped up in a sketchy back alley at halftime, it was definitely one of the coolest shows i have been to ever. it was hiphopaliscious.


At 10/04/2004 12:01 PM, Blogger MajorUpheaval said...

black joo! woah!


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