Thursday, September 01, 2005

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Katrina Huffs Petrol

Two things that are really just frustrating the shit out of me today... now I don’t want to be all unoriginal and talk about gasoline prices in Atlanta. Shit everyone is probably blogging about it from around here and I just cant fall into that follower mode. However, I will say that gas prices are extraordinarily high and it is definitely not due to any gas shortages going on in this region. The only reason the gas prices are so high is because of the media circus surrounding the hurricane disaster and traffic-thirsty ATLiens worried about their precious fossil fuels running out over labor day weekend. Now why in the world would an entire city suddenly get the same idea to rush out to the pumps and buy gasoline on the same day? Because people do not know how to keep their fucking mouths shut when they hear some gossipy rumor about a gas shortage. Do you know how many forwards I got with the same general message yesterday at work? I decided to do a print screen because my conspiracy theories are rarely true...

I am sure thousands of these went out across the wire when the AJC reported it. Over at Atlanta Metroblogging some idiot posted the same thing early in the morning. Almost everyone bought into this email forward for absolutely no reason. I heard on 96 rock this morning there were fucking fistfights at some gas stations. One story in the paper today says a guy pulled a gun after cutting someone off in line. You Georgians are fucking crazy crazy fucking idiots. How is it possible that you have nothing better to do than buy big SUVs for absolutely no snowfall or ice, complain when the price crept above 2 bucks, live 45 miles outside a metro area, and then throw fisticuffs when you are too dumb to realize that the emergency 6 hours away has little effect on your suburbian commuting gas guzzling PTA momma car?

In the words of the great napoleon dynamite, frickin idiots. On a side note, speaking of napoleon, his star is rising in tokeywood and the assistant producer I know is currently working on this bad boy. (follow the todd Phillips link in case you don’t know who that is)

The second thing that is frustrating me has to do with the hurricane damage left behind. Now despite my sarcastic tone and the fact that I say shit that no one wants to hear, like how Stephen hawking makes me sick to look at, or that lance armstrong’s trendy fashion bracelets should be smelted together and made into a huge mcdonalds playland, I would like to say that Katrina has really fucked up my no limit texas hold em strategy for October. As bad as it is in new Orleans, an hour east in Biloxi Mississippi, things are not looking peachy either. My favorite casino, the Grand in Biloxi, is completely obliterated. Basically only two casinos in all of Biloxi survived, and the Beau Rivage poker room is crap compared to the grand. Just to give you an idea of how much I love the grand, you can see I blogged about it here, here, and here.

These are the pictures (I ganked from cnn) regarding the status of the casinos in Biloxi.

a barge got tossed across an entire highway

this casino is definitely on tilt

the grand casino before

the grand casino after

the grand casino after we runs through it. thats skance on the left.

a small tear just rolled down my cheek, i think. Old Grand Casino, we shall miss you.... i hope the new Grand Casino 2008 is as awesome as you were. as long as they leave the hot dogs on rotation we should all be ok.


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