Monday, August 29, 2005

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Fantasy vs. Reality

There comes a time in every man’s life where he must submit to the fantasy side of life. No, I am not talking about your dvd collex that you stash under your bed and dream of being one of the linebackers who gets to take on Jenna Jameson, Heather Brooke, and Jasmine St. Clair dressed as pillowfighting cheerleaders. Nor am I talking about calling those 900 numbers late night after 14 shots of patron and waffle house to try and hear a local girl tell you all about her sopping wet— well, lets just cut off the fantasy right there. I am of course talking about none other than the Fantasy Sports leagues tearing up business payroll hours at work as employees fret over whether to pick Peyton Manning or LT with their first pick. Whether to take a proven pro bowl athlete or sign a new rookie full of hype. Whether a strong Defense is better than a strong Kicker. Who will get more points this year, Larry Fitzgerald or Javon Walker. Millions of scenarios play out in the fantasy sports owner mind…. and of course, these fantasy dreams of glory interfere with reality.

Lets say youre a Falcons fan. You love the ixcitement of watching the ixperience run around outside the pocket and gun it down field to the receiver that should have been there but missed his read. But lets say your team is 5-10 this year and has no hope for winning a playoff berth. The Falcons play the Panthers on the last season game… lets say you have Stephen Davis and Carolina D on your fantasy squad and you have a chance to win the fantasy crown this year if Carolina breaks off ATL. This is a division rival, not to mention ATL stomps Carolina when vick is healthy…. So what do you hope for as a sports fan? ATL beats Carolina to close out strong or Carolina dominates your team and you win fantasy player of the year amongst your boys? If you answer Carolina you are not separating fantasy from reality.

Now lets say youre a compulsive gambler. You know that sports betting is completely ridiculous considering a random play could make or break a spread. Dante Hall randomly returns a meaningless punt for a TD and now KC has an edge on +4 to the Eagles. But what if youre an eagles fan with dante hall on your fantasy squad (youre an idiot)… do you cheer for the mad points youll get this week or do you piss and cry because you layed 220/200 on the eagles covering. I guess that one is easier since its 200 frickin dollars!! But you get my point… fantasy play comes into reality too often during the football season.

The best way to remedy this situation is of course to stick to one or the other. Fantasy or Reality. If youre a fantasy owner, you cannot bet on sports that year. And if you don’t enter a league, you better be picking spreads even if its 11/10 and you do 16 pickems a week. Of course I will not be following my own advice like the millions of people out there and will continue to unwisely invest time and dollars into the sports gambling arena. My buddy joe jueng in korea has already started the smack talk and the draft order hasn’t even been randomized yet. Don’t you worry buddy, you can read about all of my SportsTalk throughout the College + NFL football season right here:

until then, my faithful readers, you will just have to peruse on this fantasy eye candy for the day:

my live draft is scheduled for tonight at 8:30 pm. my league stats will be linked through vicklantasy and of course weekly commentary on betting, fantasy, players, losers, coaches, media, and any other dramatic happenings in the professional and college sports arenas. this weekend is the first college pigskin game and of course the Louisville Cards will be beating their in-state rival at their own home... a fine start to an undefeated season.


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