Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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Kamikaze Shooters + the Blues

Today will be a twofer blog, in that you will receive 2 for 1 knowledge on cool shit.

First off, have any of the atl residents noticed a certain smell in the air? it has been drifting down upon the city from about 50 miles up north. hopefully it will linger well into february. 'whats the smell?' you ask.... it is the sweat, blood, and tears of 100 big motherfuckers working their asses off up at Flowery Branch preparing for a Super Bowl season. Thats right, ladies and gentlemen, we will FINALLY be watching the star-studded Atlanta Falcons live and in action very soon. how soon? well if you think that preseason games count for anything whatsoever, then this coming weekend is definitely going to be exciting. Your Atlanta Falcons have been chosen to play against the Indy Colts in a pre-pre-season game in Tokyo, Japan.

in case you cant read that japanese, it says: The World Bowl at the Tokyo Dome! Starts at 6:00 pm. come watch the most exciting two quarterbacks in the league duke it out for one quarter of play. then watch 2nd string white people provide a show for the rest of the time.

heres the catch: you have to pull an all-nighter on friday night this weekend to catch the game broadcast live at 5:00 am EST on saturday morning. i guess ill be skipping cartoons and cocoa puffs this weekend.

Things to look forward to this NFL season:
- Dunn, Duckett, and Vick combined for one of the deadliest rushing attacks in the game last year
- Roddy White is a fast little fucker who will likely win a position over Dez White. He will provide enough speed on the field to hopefully take some cover off peerless.
- Vick knows he can't run forever; he has been concentrating on the passing game this training camp.
- Deangelo Hall #21 will be vying for a pro bowl season in his 2nd (really 1 1/2) years in the league. last year as a rookie he missed the first 7 games...this year no one can hold him down.
- our rookie drafted receiver Jenkins has a year under his belt with vick... this means more comfortability in running routes and getting to where vick wants him to be.
- We have 3 MNF games and 3 Sunday night games, national audience will get to see us shine.
- our home schedule is awesome: eagles, vikings, patriots, jets, green bay, + 3 division games.
- our defense improved tenfold last year, and we can only keep moving up... we signed some veteran players this offseason and they are reportedly performing sick-aly.
- alge crumpler is a top-rated tight end and caught more balls than any receiver last year.

in other football news, Madden '06 is being released on August 10th, same day that comcast comes to hook up our skrinternet. xbox live challenge is inevitable.
Second, tonight i will actually be coughing up money to pay for a cover in the virginia highlands. i am usually diametrically opposed to paying cover in an area of town that should not be charging, but i have also never been to 10 high even though i have passed it 1000 times and thought about entering at least 10 times. to his credit, jonnatronic found this blues band first. he then roped me in to what is an amazing show. Sean Costello will be performing tonight at 10 High on highland avenue. its a wednesday so i know no one has shit to do. if you feel like boozing and dancing and watching some black dudes lay out the phat notes on the saxophone while sean sings the blues, i promise you wont be dissapointed. it will be either 5 or 7 bucks, judging from past acts on their website.


At 8/05/2005 2:13 AM, Blogger erik love said...

Hey Shoobie, Just stopped by to say Wassup man. Nice 50 cent quote at the top too,is yo ass going to be up at 5 in the mornin watchin that preseason shit?

At 8/05/2005 2:20 AM, Blogger erik love said...

Falcon Daily DVDA? What the hell does that mean?


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