Tuesday, June 08, 2004

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My 3 day weekend

Well to the 4 people reading this thing, sorry about yesterday... but I did not come into work because of the crazy weekend i had. So Friday night I roll out to a party in the VA highlands. I didnt really feel like going but it was one of those situations where there were definitely going to be free booze, free brews, and potentially hot girls. (side note- why do people even say starts at 9:00 anymore? Everyone knows that isn't gonna happen. I equate 9:00 = 10ish. Hell, even 10:00 = 10ish. So why even drop the 9 in there?) Anyway, eventually the party was a nice size and filled out the apartment pretty well. We got nice and toasty and then went to Balls in Hand in a big crew. The only way to survive and have a chance to talk to other girls outside your table area is to have a big crew in the highlands....a good mix of guys and girls.
I (sorry) drove home afterwards and drunk dialed a few people. Then passed out until about 8 am. I had like unbelievable knotted and charred throat issues from all the mixing of beer and liquor and ciggies. So i get up and jet straight into the bathroom to pull the trigger. You know you shouldnt be driving the night before if you wake up and THEN puke and then get back in bed.
So I woke up again around noon, got directly into my bathing suit, and dove into the pool.
Eventually I left with my buddy Keith to go to Biloxi. by 5 pm CST, I was inside the casino trying to get on the list to play $1-4-8-8 hold em. Those of you who dont like cards, kiss my ass.... I have to tell the story for the benefit of those who do. I also played $1-5 7 card stud... i was brand new and definitely made the majority of my money in this game.
Keith and I sat next to each other because they opened a brand new table for 10 people. It was fun, we were playing pretty tight when about an hour in, a crazy huge pot happened.

10 players. My down cards were 3clubs/3spades. There was a raise pre flop and four of us stayed in (including my friend). Flop comes A 10 3 rainbow. I figure myself for the best hand by far, I had flopped a set. Bet $4, raise $4, re-raise $4, CAP!!! $4. holy shit, the four of us were betting and raising each other like crazy. Pot is worth $70. Turn comes A. Bet $8, raise $8, reraise $8. $168 pot. I have a full house and am thinking i am taking this thing down to china town. river comes 8 or some non significant card. Bet $8, raise $8. $224 pot. The other two guys at the end of the table turn over AK and AQ. All they had was 3 of a kind. I turn over my full house 3-3-3-A-A. My friend Keith had pocket 10s the whole time. 10-10-10-A-A. He took the whole thing down. mother fucker.

Anyway, after a session from 6pm-4am, we decided to go sleep in the car. Worst idea ever. I was so swassy and swally and nasty from the heat in the car, I felt like I had taken a sweat shower with a nice bottle of sweat shampoo. thrilling thought, yes? woke up at 8, grabbed breakfast, played until noonish. Then played roulette and won all my money back. I walked in there with $300 and walked out with $300. Dead even, minus the free drinks, food, gas money, and giant bacteria culture growing in our clothes, it was a pretty fun time.

Got back in time to blaze up, watch sopranos finale, and pass the FUCK out and sleep through my alarm for work the next day. That was my weekend, how was everyone else's?


At 6/08/2004 12:23 PM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

shit. your weekend=gigantic compared to mine. i watered some plants and watched, like, eight movies. we ought to reschedule the shoobie-slappy reunion, you know?


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