Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Madden 2006 Brown Bag Lunch

Welcome back readers to another fine installment of things swirling around in my brain. today marks one of the most exciting days in sports. we celebrate today annually and thoroughly, by mastering our hot route technique, linebacker shift, d-line audible to pass block, motion the tight end, hut hut hike!

Brown Bag Lunch is this term they use here at work. here is the translation: "dont go to chilis, instead bring your lunch and sit in on another enjoyable installment of exciting infectious diseases spreading all over the world!"

instead, my Madden 2006 Brown Bag Lunch consisted of me picking up food, going to jewish haven (read: post briarcliff), taking 2 supplements of vitamin M, and tutorializing myself with the new features of Madden 2006. Gamers, grab a seat. Ladies, grab onto your nipples. random blogosphere traffic... thanks for reading this far. lets discuss the 30 minute preview i got of this game before going back to the cube life and endlessly meeting in conference room A to go over powerpoint presentations. (on a side note, my buddy bought 2 copies so i could go directly home and plug in... no best buy black hole today)

First off, let me start by telling you what happened in Game 1 ever. Dwellis vs. Shoobie.
Falcons vs. Panthers (dwellis is a Pack fan all the way, but chose to stay divisional to make it naughty) Falcons are underrated as usual, boasting a 92 offense and 82 defense 86 overall. philly eagles and new england pats are the stacked powerhouses of the NFC/AFC, with Indy trailing in a close 3rd. Pittsburgh also remains naughty.

Dwellis kicked off to me. after running warrick for an 8 yard gain, it was all downhill. INT #1 came on the first drive. Carolina drove all over my ass. dwellis did not call one run play but managed to span the entire length of the field. however, his red zone offense collapsed and he was forced to kick a field goal. holler. Rossum on the return gets to the 30. shoobie throws 2 consecutive passes to (surprise!) peerless price who can actually catch a ball in the video game. down to the ATL 40 i throw INT #2. carolina throws INT #3 right after that, to none other than my cover corner Deangelo Hall #21. after that it was all over. vick to crumpler. 1st down. vick to dez white. first down. vick to peerless. first down. vick to crumpler. touchdown.

and then, my lunch break was up. i duffed the xtra point making it a 6-3 victory in 1 quarter of play. just playing the game made me excited enough to not only write this blog but to also nut over the fact that NFL football is so close to being back you can smell it.

the game has crazy new features and a completely different button layout than 2005.
- QB Viewing. your accuracy goes up if you are actually looking at a receiver before you throw it. you can also pass leading left, leading right, underneath, or high by using the right stick. that means if you burn a corner with peerless you can lob it to his far side so he catches and continues running.
- Train Hit. Lets say your name is jerome bus. lets say you get a pitch and youve got 3 blockers in front of you. 2 guys are stuffed but one is still coming from your right side. now the bus can lay a shoulder into any defensive back and lay him out and continue on up the field. hit stick on OFFENSE. clutch!
- switch main receiver. with the new qb viewing, you can also select which receiver you want on the main route (in orange) vs. the other routes (in white).
- Defensive confusion on cover. You can now play man to man, or disguised man to man. If you want the defense to stay with their assignments, you call man. but you can also call zone and play man, meaning the defense will pick up their man and keep in the zone without the other guy knowing.

things to remember:
- turbo is always A now. offense and defense.
- hit stick on defense is tougher, since the back can now plow over you on their way to the endzone. this also allows for bigger collisions.
- the running and throwing is more realistic. it seems that with each year, there is more accuracy than the one before. passing is something you have to master now.
- when youre setting up hot routes, new looks, and new receivers, if you change too much, you will definitely delay the game. try to figure out the new buttons asap.
- memorize the playbook. this is so tough, each year a new set of plays that you have to learn and practice all over again.

anyone who reads this and wants to challenge me on xbox live already knows my name. its on the right side up thea and it says check out my Halo 2 stats for the public. ----->


At 8/14/2005 7:49 AM, Blogger katlanta said...

Wow, the idea of a "John Madden 2006 Brown Bag" sounds teriffic! I may have to borrow that idea sometime! I guess when the programmers and I went to see the new Star Wars movie at lunch, it was sort of an extended Jedi Brown Bag.

RE the binge drinking definition: the heavy drinking definition is 'more than two drinks per day for men and more than one drink per day for women.' Additionally, the definition of a "serving" of wine has been reduced from 5 oz to 4 oz, so if there are 750 ml in a bottle of wine, or a little over 24 oz, it's supposed to take me nearly a week to drink a bottle of wine.


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