Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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This weekend was mostly fun. TimmyJimmy is now 24 and still plays video games and tokes weed. so irresponsible. anyway here are some pictures from the weekend with a little puzzle game at the end!

so here is my entourage. finally an actual picture of dwellis instead of the picture of kevin pollock as a substitute. jonny has his eyes closed. and of course the birthday boy is that dude in white who you dont know. but he got real fucked up. dwellis met up after with this j that he's hooking with- and decided to pull the trigger and cuddle with the rim latenight, instead of getting in bed and performing like a drunken baffoon.

they arent my 1st round picks, but theyll do for now. jon, dwell, tj

so we had two stops (three really), east andrews, the red door, and then back to andrews upstairs for some dancing. the first shot of the night was a ginormous shot of tequila for the 4 of us. got me warm and toasty right away. for the people who have never been to east andrews on a friday night, it is packed just like any other buckhead fuckhead bar.... which is why it is even more ridiculous to see bitches walking around carrying these:

despite the 'stunner' factor, martini glasses peeve me off

anywho, just as a point of reference, the reason i was able to take such a money photo was because katz's quick wit and sharp thinking anticipated that i wanted a shot of those bitches and he grabbed timmy and stood as if we were taking a real picture.... i cant decide which half of the original photo is funnier:

(**of course, katz made me take down the picture**)
katz shows us how florida residents roll to clubs: sleazily

ahh, he's gonna get pissed at me for posting that one. sucks. ok last but not least, remember when we were little kids and the Where's Waldo books were released? it was like a new sick fad in childrens education and entertainment. in honor of waldo, i have taken a picture of the wreckless state of my night stand after everything gets taken out of my pockets the night before. a sharp observer can probably identify 21 unique items... lets see if some of the readers are so bored this morning that they post a comment trying to get them all... be as specific as you can. good luck!


At 8/23/2005 1:47 PM, Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

for hannukah im asking santa for a 007-issue hidden camera so i can take more pictures of people and then make fun of them on the internet.

At 8/30/2005 5:34 PM, Blogger jsk323 said...

You have exactly 24 hours to take that hideous picture of me down or those deep dark secrets of the Ix will somehow find their way to this blog...not kidding either.

You have more skeletons in the closet than you have pirated DVDs...310 was it? Wow, where to start...

At 8/31/2005 9:25 PM, Anonymous SWILLY(Formerly of the ATL) said...

21 Unique Items on Hustin Shubs Nightstand

1. Ixxxie laden Braves classic cap
2. NetIxxx DVDank wrappers
3. IxxxBOX DVD remote
4. Bixxx lighter
5. Cancer sticks
6. Stoner shades(aka sunglasses)
7. Zack Morris cell phone
8. Ipod (aka death of CDs device)
9. Alarm Clock set for 9:30 am cause hustin shubs is a lazy stoner who abuses his .gov job
10. Cover to .gov blackberry
11. Bubbler purchased by A Wild on his birthday cause he is a clumsy stoner
12. The Bubble Kush
13. Check book
14. Standard issue Ipod earphones
15. Solo cup full of piss(necessary in order to not have to stop playing Halo2 to urinate)
16. Keys to the whip
17. Change
18. Lamp
19. Envelope (probably containing an invitation to a Bar Mitvah)
20. IxxxBox cables
21. Blackberry

At 9/08/2005 9:38 PM, Blogger Wintermute said...

nice cock ring


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